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Omaha, NE

From day one, the gym was "my home away from home." Growing up with a Mom who was (and still is) a Group Fitness Director and a Chiropractor for a Dad, you could say health and fitness was simply our way of life. However, I struggled with body dysmorphia from a young age and never felt like I "fit" in the fitness world. Inevitably, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise and found myself constantly at war with my body. My story is now my WHY. Today, I am an internationally certified holistic health coach who empowers women struggling with food guilt and negative body image. Heavy lifting is my jam, but lifting up others is my superpower. My goal within both my own coaching business and within HOTWORX is to inspire women of all sizes to find a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that they love.

What motivated you to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

  • I wanted to change the narrative on body image in the fitness industry! Fitness does not care what you look like, where you come from or when you started; It cares that you SHOW UP for yourself and your health. HOTWORX is not just a great workout for losing weight; it's an incredible way to rehabilitate your body, refresh your mind and develop strength. I want women of all sizes to see me on that screen and feel seen, supported and loved for who they are.

How was your very first HOTWORX session? Describe the experience.

  • My very first HOTWORX session was back-to-back Hot Barre None followed by Hot Cycle. HOLY SMOKES. I was drenched, exhausted and completely humbled, yet left feeling so empowered! My body KNEW I needed it and I've been challenging myself in the sauna ever since.

What’s your favorite Isometric posture? Why?

  • How do you pick just one?! As someone who typically lifts weights, I LOVE any of the squats but specifically the Squat with Overhead Shoulder Press. This isometric posture challenges both my legs and my upper body to stay strong - and that shake?! Oh man, that's the really good stuff.

Which Isometric posture is the most difficult for you? Why?

  • Extended V Holds.... Y'all, these are NO joke. My entire body shakes whether I'm breathing (...or sometimes not). This is why I'm such a huge advocate for modifications! If you can't do the full posture yet, you can consistently practice the modification until you get stronger and stronger.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

  • Connecting with the incredible members has hands down been the BEST part of being a HOTWORX Virtual Personal Trainer. I love hearing their personal stories, celebrating their wins and learning how HOTWORX has impacted their health and fitness journey. I want to always continue to grow as a realistic and positive role model for these women - they are my WHY.

Can you share a Fun Fact with us?

  • In the midst of the pandemic, I moved from Austin, Texas back home to Omaha, Nebraska, quit my corporate events career and became the CEO/Founder of my own company. Change is completely terrifying and exhilarating all at once, but believing in myself was the BEST decision I have ever made.