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Fayetteville, North Carolina

I grew up in O-H-I-O but NC has been home for the majority of my life. I’ve always loved exercising and learning all I can to be healthy in all facets of life. My affinity for health began at 8 years old when my sister was diagnosed with a rare terminal form of cancer. Despite her 6-month prognosis, she fought for 2 strong years and passed away at 22 years old. I honor her legacy, and all she taught me, by staying committed to the lifelong journey of health. I utilized the vast array of exercise benefits to keep me going as I earned a bachelor’s degree in communication, started a family and built a career as a financial advisor. Needing to make more time for my health, I turned to yoga and found that the freedom and empowerment I cultivated on my mat set my soul on fire. I knew I’d found the passion I was created to share with the world as my career. I earned my 200HR RYT certification from Wilmington Yoga Center’s Power Yoga teacher training and have loved helping every BODY reach their health & wellness goals ever since!

What motivated you to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

  • My biggest motivation was to ensure that everyone has a safe and effective place to work out without an instructor physically present. Health is our greatest wealth and I want to share the joy I’ve experienced through fitness so everyone can enjoy the invaluable benefits that exercise provides. Fitness plays a myriad of roles in everyone’s unique journey. It’s my drive to champion everyone to achieve results that translate into healthier lives. My focus is to provide motivating workouts where members feel inspired to find, own and grow their power each time they step into the sauna so they can carry that power out into their daily lives.

How was your very first HOTWORX session? Describe the experience.

  • My first HOTWORX session was Hot Yoga. I immediately fell in love with the infrared heat and challenge of the isometric style workout. Many of my other workouts had become less challenging, so I was excited to add a new opportunity for growth to my fitness regimen. I was also motivated to try all the other workouts!

What’s your favorite Isometric posture? Why?

  • My favorite Isometric posture is Side Plank because I love the blend of full body strength and balance it requires. It’s so empowering to build your core strength and have so many different variations available to adapt to your practice, no matter how you’re feeling. There is so much opportunity for growth and expression in Side Plank so let your confidence and creativity grow each time you practice this posture!

Which Isometric posture is the most difficult for you? Why?

  • Super Warrior is most difficult for me because there is a lot of alignment, strength and balance required all at the same time. This cross lateral movement stimulates both sides of the brain simultaneously and is an excellent posture to stay consistent with and work up to. If the mind is willing, the body will follow. Remember to breathe and stay focused to hold this posture longer each time you practice it!

What has been the most rewarding part of being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

  • Hands down- the entire HOTWORX community! I love learning and growing as a community on the lifelong journey of health and overall well-being. Having the opportunity to lead sessions where everyone can grow and reach their individual goals around the world, in unity, is amazing! Whether in person or virtually, I’m humbly honored to connect with and impact each person’s fitness journey. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the challenge and encouragement I’ve received, so I’m thrilled to be able to challenge and encourage others to help enrich their overall health.

Can you share a Fun Fact with us?

  • I have an adventurous spirit and absolutely love traveling! Some of my favorite trips included bungee jumping off Victoria Falls in Africa, hiking a volcano in Iceland, and caving in Barbados. I deeply cherish exploring and experiencing every culture and overcoming any physical challenge!