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Hilton Head, SC

What motivated you to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

  • I am so passionate about health and fitness. I also know how precious time is and I wanted to help people feel so great about themselves even with little time on their hands. There is no excuse with HOTWORX!

How was your very first HOTWORX session? Describe the experience.

  • My very first HOTWORX session was Hot Iso. I had no idea what to expect. I’m used to cardio and weights (Not isometric holds!) and boy was I sore for DAYS… from a 30 minute workout. More workout, less time is right. I was shocked. I was hooked! I kept going back and I started seeing results so quick. It also was so challenging for me and I love being challenged.

What’s your favorite Isometric posture? Why?

  • Easy! Butt Plank! I am such a plank lover. Planks are a gift sent from God above AND you get to burn out your booty while planking?! Sign me up.

Which Isometric posture is the most difficult for you? Why?

  • Honestly, the Reverse Plank Leg Lift. I seriously have to talk to myself while holding it! It truly works every single muscle in your body! I think it’s difficult because it’s such a “different” challenge to me. Holding a reverse plank for a minute is something I’ve never done, and it’s not easy.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor?

  • The impact I make on lives and the people I meet.

Can you share a Fun Fact with us?

  • I can touch my tongue to my elbow! It’s not impossible!