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Virtual Instructor Competition


The following individuals were selected to advance to the 2nd Round of this year's HOTWORX Virtual Instructor Competition. Please review the images, bio, and motivation for our Top 40 competitors and place your vote for the one you think would be the best HOTWORX Virtual Instructor - votes will be limited to one per email address per day. The competitor with the most votes at the end of this round will win the title of "Fan Favorite” and receive an automatic spot in the Top 15, along with another 14 competitors chosen by the HOTWORX Executive Team. The Online Voting Round will end on June 30, 2022 and the Top 15 and Fan Favorite Award Recipient announcement on July 11th!

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Taylor Arenz

Houston, TX

BIO: Taylor Arenz has a Master’s of Science in Athletic Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science in Broadcast Journalism. Taylor is a former Houston Texans Cheerleader and was the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader. Taylor is also a professional model and can be seen in numerous commercials and catalogs. Fitness is an integral part of Taylor’s life. She is an avid runner, biker and yogi. She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and enjoys teaching all types of classes.

MOTIVATION: This is my third time to apply so it is something I truly believe would be the perfect fit! I am the whole package and every time I take a session I think I can do that and bring my spunk, professionalism and hard work and get people excited to take my session!I can reach more people, which allows me to do what I love to do - inspire and motivate.


Ocean Springs, MS

BIO: My name is Maria Scafide Barr. I am 39 years young, a mom of 2 and married to a Firefighter/Hockey Player. We live in Ocean Springs, MS. I have been a Group Fitness Instructor since 2005 and have loved being able to educate those in fitness for the last 8 years. I am a Master Trainer for Barre Intensity and travel the country teaching others how to instruct barre & Pilates.

I started my journey into Group Fitness shortly after graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2005. After joining the local YMCA I soon became inspired to instruct. In 2005 I became a Turbo Kick instructor through Blue Powder Productions owned by the renowned Chalene Johnson (producer of Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle and more). I've worn many hats over the course of my young life but the hat of a fitness educator and instructor has been my favorite. I truly love being able to connect with others through fitness, help inspire others to reach for their goals and guide anyone and everyone through their fitness journey.

I’ve been blessed to teach many different formats of fitness which include Hip Hop Hustle, Water Aerobics, Cycling, MMA Kickboxing, and Pilates. I also have a group fitness and personal training certification from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and an MMA Kickboxing Certification through UFC Competitor Alan Belcher.

I love to travel and meet new people who share this passion with me like the past VI’s this year. It was an incredible ride becoming a VI for HOTWORX!

My favorite quote is “Failure is Success”. Failure’s not just a part of life, it’s essential to life and success. It’s like another opportunity to begin again with a more enlightened mind. You can’t continue to learn if you don’t fail and if you’re not failing it means you’re not trying!

MOTIVATION: What motivated me to apply for another year comes down to the opportunity to show the growth I've had. The first time we filmed it was a whirlwind, and to be expected because it was so new to us. The second time it was such an easier transition and my confidence was so much better! I feel like there is so much more to do & so many more to help. I would love the opportunity to show you all how much more I have and can give. From a widely experienced instructor, I know you guys can count on me to provide the variety, the relatability, and the professionalism it takes to continue making HOTWORX a global brand.



BIO: My name is Skye Best. I am a Mom of three, HOTWORX franchise owner and certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I started my own small group virtual training business in 2020, leading 1-20 individuals at a time, 6 days a week at 6am for 2 years. This opportunity led me into HOTWORX, where I chose to buy into a bigger brand to reach more people. I am ready to jump into a sauna and connect with members to challenge them and inspire them to do anything they put their mind to, just like me.

MOTIVATION: I am a HOT WARRIOR and Franchise Owner! Members need instructors that can relate and engage with them. I am ready to lead and engage our audience to keep them coming back!I'm motivated to be a HOTWORX instructor to make a BIGGER IMPACT! I want to be out there in front of so much more. I've worked for almost 2 decades growing as a fitness coach and this would be THE TOP for me!

Ciara Boyce

Puyallup, WA

BIO: My fitness journey started much later in life because for years, I focused on nurturing my children and corporate career, like many of us do. My self-care took a back seat until I realized the true value of health and well-being. In my mid 20’s, I began my fitness journey, allowing me to have the transformation of a lifetime. I am passionate about helping individuals find their way in the health and well-being world. This can be difficult when you are trying to manage children, sports, grocery shopping, careers and much more. My goal is to create a fun, energetic space where everyBODY fits. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or have created your lifestyle, I want to cheer you on!

Recently, I left my corporate career to follow my dreams in fitness, starting my own business in personal training and small group coaching. It’s truly exciting to build a commUNITY of health and well-being through positive, meaningful, transformational relationships. Varied fitness is my passion. I’m always eager to try something new! I’m passionate about life-long learning and continuing to grow in all areas of fitness.

MOTIVATION: I am motivated to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor because I am perfectly imperfect. I am not a model, and I haven’t been on this fitness journey my whole life. I want to empower the “every day” women and men that are trying to balance life, work, kids, family, sports, and nutrition on the go. Moreover, I want people to realize health and well-being is within reach. I want to change the concept of what healthy looks like, and uplift people’s mindset that all BODIES are welcome in our industry. Most importantly, I want to be part of the HOTWORX movement where people feel confident, empowered, and passionate about both their physical and mental well-being.

Ashlee Buchert

Jenks, OK

BIO: Hi, I'm Ashlee B, Wife, BoyMom, Fitness Expert, Foodie and Self Care Extraordinaire!

My fitness journey began in college, at the ripe ole age of 19! For the past 17 years, I've built my certification list to include AFAA/ACE personal training/Group Ex, Zumba, Hot Yoga 200 hour YTT, and 10+ other certifications through Beachbody, Les Mills, and The Choreography Club. I also hold a Kinesiology Degree & Masters in Exercise Science from the University of Arkansas. At 24, I was hired as an Area Promotions Director by fitness celeb, Chalene Johnson. I was taught not only the skills to train & fine tune other instructors but also, how to become a successful fitness entrepreneur and build a local and online business. I was in charge of promotions, recruiting, and certifying instructors for 4 years with her company. This is also where I started filming my first fitness videos in 2012. Later in 2014, I began working for Beachbody Live as a Master Trainer, traveling the country leading certifications. This is where I began filming instructor education videos for infamous INSANITY, P90x, TurboKick, Piyo and other various formats. It was during this season that I also became a conference presenter for conferences like IDEA and Dallas Mania.

I found and applied for the HOTWORX VI Competition in January 2020 and have had the honor of working as a Virtual Instructor for the past 2 seasons. Since then, I've taken my years of experience working with my past Personal Training clients and group exercise participants and I've been able to educate and inspire through the screen and truly become a part of transforming lives. I'm excited and proud to say, this past fall, I became a HOTWORX franchise owner! I believe we’ve only scratched the surface in where we are going as a company and I'm 100% here for it! My vision goes beyond what you’ve seen me do so far. I hope you’re ready for more! :)

MOTIVATION: I don't want to become complacent even in what I offer for HOTWORX. I’m always looking to evolve my craft and help evolve what I can offer for the company as a whole. I don't want what I'm feeling/experiencing to end. That's how I know I'm not done. I've scratched the surface, now I want to go deeper. I feel one of my talents is being on camera and giving a certain energy through a screen, but there's even more of me that's been untapped. Last year I was asked, what will you do different this year, and I said "get a charter bus and travel the country and meet the members!" haha
I did that/I'm doing that! I'm forming lasting relationships and I want to believe I'm helping with overall HOTWORX loyalty and adherence for this company! Bottom line, I have a vision, it's bigger than what I've offered thus far and what I envision will come to fruition because that's just my belief!!

Jacinda Burke

Jacinda Burke

Port Royal, SC

BIO: I am a New Hampshire native who recently moved to the low country of Beaufort, SC. I am a certified personal trainer and BodyPump instructor. I grew up as a dancer and then fell in love with lifting weights. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be to travel and try new foods and spend time with the people that I love.

MOTIVATION: I watched the YouTube series of the HOTWORX convention and the energy is exactly what I am looking for in a brand to represent. There is a science behind these workouts and that is exactly why the following continues to grow. I want to represent something that I truly believe in and I have seen all the effects first hand.


Cumming, GA

BIO: Born and raised in the UK, I am HUGE on adventure. I have hiked three of Britain’s tallest mountains. I am a certified scuba diver (My favorite spot/school is in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Menorca). I have been trained in numerous martial art styles, from Taekwondo, Boxing, to my favorite, Kravmaga. My job before coming to America was a climbing instructor where I spent three years as a team leader. I now work alongside my uncle at his HOTWORX franchise as a Trainer Sales Associate in Cumming, Georgia. I am a frequent traveler from the States to the UK, but always available.

MOTIVATION: Apart from being a genuine advocate of health and fitness, I have become addicted to HOTWORX. Since our HOTWORX in Cumming, GA, opened in early 2020, I have spent a lot of my time witnessing and hearing the tremendous benefits it has had on so many of our members, from weight loss to less old age pain. I see plenty of exhausted faces in our studio, but I never see any disappointed ones, because when you sweat that much, how can you have a bad workout? That in thanks is to the Virtual Instructors, although not physically present, they are in your face pushing through those last minutes. I want to be the instructor motivating you to give it your all for that last minute inside the sauna.

Samantha DeMaria Moore


BIO: In 2018, the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) nominated me in a nationwide search as an Instructor Who Rocks! I was nominated for yoga. I have been teaching yoga for 16 years and fitness for 8. I teach all ages and specialize with athletes, too. I would LOVE to teach for HOTWORX!!!!

MOTIVATION: Fitness is moving more and more to virtual exercise and I want in!!! I want to help more people and this is a great vehicle.

Alexandra Dickens

Newport Beach, CA

BIO: BS Kinesiology - San Diego State University
MS Sports Management - Southern Methodist University
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Coach

MOTIVATION: I want the chance to help more people with their fitness goals and let more people get to know me and my coaching style.

Becca Emmel

New Braunfels, TX

BIO: Hi! My name is Becca. I am a 31 year old mom of one that has been in the fitness industry for about 10 years. I've done a little bit of everything over the years- fitness sales, one on one personal training, medical weight loss and group fitness. What I love most about doing all those things is I get to help people find passion in living a healthy lifestyle.

MOTIVATION: My support team! Everyone sees how much I LOVE what I do and they are the ones that help motivate me to extend my reach and help as many people find passion in their fitness journey.

Katie Ewaskiew

Marietta, GA

BIO: With 10+ years in the fitness industry, I have taught 1,000s of cycle classes. I have held roles as a Lead instructor as well for 4+ years in a national recognized cycling studio. I have recently received my 200hr YTT yoga certification and have been instructing power yoga classes for 6 months.  

I bring a comprehensive set of skills that I believe will be valuable to Burn. In my lead cycle instructor role, I honed my abilities in quality control, customer services, team leadership, and people centric style of teaching. I currently have 8 years of cycle instructing experience and hold nationally recognized certifications in group fitness and cycle. I am also finishing my 200 hour certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance.

MOTIVATION: I have participated in a HOTWORX studio and enjoyed the concept. I think that the marriage of fitness and digital is the next step for the industry and see the value in the HOTWORX style.

Lauren Gil

Stillwater, OK

BIO: I have a strong passion for health and wellness. I have been in the fitness industry for 7 years as a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor. I love seeing others hit their fitness goals and accomplishments.

MOTIVATION: My son, my friends and family and the Virtual Instructor are so awesome to workout with.

Leanne Harrell

Omaha, NE

BIO: I’ve been involved with coaching, instructing and even owning a kickboxing & strength training gym from 2012-2020. I am now a HOTWORX franchise owner and took on the manager role for over one year. I tremendously enjoyed being a part of the HOTWORX studio on the daily, however, I truly miss the instructing side, assisting others in their own journeys with more direction on a deeper level. Instructing gave me a voice I did not know I had and even empowered me to leave my jewelry store manager role of 18 years to become part of the health, fitness & wellness industry.

I suffered a massive injury to my femur in August 2021 and was told I’d never walk without a cane. With HOTWORX as part of my recovery process, I am now waking without that cane! My surgeon is in awe of my continued progress and often asks about my infrared sauna sessions. I’ve taken on #BEAFORCE throughout my last 9 months of recovery and believe whole-heartedly that mindset plays a huge role in our ability to create positive action in difficult circumstances. I know I can be a testimony for others who face obstacles and do not want to accept the odds set before them. #AGAINSTALLODDS

I feel as though I have lived a lifetime in the last 11 years and I believe I still have so much more to offer. I can’t wait to see where my journey continues to lead me!

MOTIVATION: I have a tremendous desire to give back. Stepping onto the mat in 2011 was the hardest task I had done thus far in my life. I was shy, quiet and stood in the back. On that mat I found my true self. I found my passion, I found my voice and I found my desire to help others. If fitness could change me from the inside out, it could do that for everyone. Fitness changed my life, however, HOTWORX has changed my world and I want to do that for each & every one of our members in each & every one of our studios.

Sarah Hreyo

Charlotte, NC

BIO: Sarah Hreyo is a native New Yorker and graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. While she will always have a special place in her heart for the northeast, in 2016 she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and loves calling the Queen City home!

Sarah grew up dancing and figure skating before trading in her skates for sneakers to play collegiate volleyball. It was in college that Sarah also discovered the fun of competing in pageants. Over her time as a competitor, she held multiple titles and won interview, talent, and swimsuit awards on the local and state level. Instead of focusing on crash diets or fad fitness to prepare for the swimsuit stage, Sarah worked with professional trainers and studied to become a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She loved the world of fitness so much that when she retired from pageantry, she became a barre instructor, and has taught for Pure Barre and The Barre Code over the past 8 years. She has also taught HIIT workout classes featuring pilates reformer work for both groups and individuals. She is certified in multiple formats of barre classes and a NASM CPT/GPTS.

Sarah loves trivia and once appeared on an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, where she won $100,000. She also holds a Master of Applied Science in Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality (Summa Cum Laude) from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.

MOTIVATION: When I truly believe in a fitness method, I want to be part of the team driving it forward. I’ve been hooked on HOTWORX since my first session and I want to share my passion for the brand and love of fitness with an even larger audience! I know I have what it takes to energize HOTWORX clients, drive the HOTWORX brand forward, and grow as a trainer as one of your Virtual Instructors or as a Virtual Personal Trainer.

Roberta Hughes

Parker, CO

BIO: Roberta Whitney Hughes, founder and owner of PeaceFull Living, is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. She holds additional certifications in Yin Yoga (200 hours) and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra (40 hours). Roberta’s philosophy is that proper training and body awareness can help people to achieve their health and wellness goals, live without pain, reduce the impact of stress, and obtain the highest quality of life.

In July 2020, after COVID-19 changed the way people connect in fitness classes, specifically for yoga, Pilates, and meditation, Roberta launched the PeaceFull Living platform. This granted her the ability to stream live instruction, as well as a library of videos through PeaceFull Living TV with those who needed to breathe more deeply, reduce stress, and overall feel better.

Roberta’s strengths as a teacher include her knowledge of the body, using imagery to cue alignment, offering progression, and creating building blocks so that each student feels successful in their workouts. She has trained students from diverse backgrounds and believes inclusion is needed in the fitness industry so that all types of people feel supported in their journey to become fit and live a healthy life.

Roberta resides in Parker, Colorado with her significant other and four boys between the ages of 8 and 23 years old. She has two dogs, takes daily walks, and loves attending sessions at HOTWORX in Parker.

MOTIVATION: I am a huge fan of the HOTWORX model. I feel amazing after each workout and sleep well on nights I attend. I believe in the benefits of an infrared sauna and am passionate about teaching in the virtual format. Becoming a Virtual Instructor will allow me to lead and inspire members of the HOTWORX community to make themselves a priority and stay committed to their HOTWORX sessions.

It would be an honor to have this opportunity to serve not only as an instructor, but as an ambassador to share the HOTWORX method with more people. I will turn 49 in July. It would be a gift to celebrate my 49th year by earning the title of Virtual Instructor.

Danielle Jokinen

St. Paul, MN

BIO: Spiritual Coach
Founder, YOD Yoga
Owner, Minnesota Power Yoga 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
500 HR Certified Yoga Teacher

Being a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and YOD Program creator, she is a student and leader of life, an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher and has been a Spiritual and Personal Life Coach for the last ten years. Her purpose is to connect to source so that she can help others live a spirit driven life. Over the last ten years she has supported people to overcome obstacles that they didn’t think were possible, to heal areas of their life they never wanted to look at, and live out their wildest dreams.

Yoga, meditation and coaching changed her life, and she is committed to sharing the practices with the world by offering programs and 1:1 coaching. Her mission is to awaken and inspire all to be their true, authentic selves and live in optimal health, integrity and happiness. To guide people to their purpose so that they can live a life of creation and contribution.

When she is not working, she loves spending time with her daughter and boyfriend, being outside in nature, and making food with friends and family!

MOTIVATION: What's motivating about becoming a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor is the workouts are available for anyone at any time. People can plug it into their day when it works for them. That is amazing being a busy single mom myself. Also the hot room is my favorite part because add in all the benefits of the infrared sauna and it's one amazing set up.

Ashley Jones

Omaha, NE

BIO: I am a proud wife and momma to six children! My passions outside of motherhood are my faith, fitness, beauty and skincare, and bargain shopping! My first career was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I have been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years now! My goal is to teach others about fitness and to love themselves right where they’re at.

MOTIVATION: My family motivates me, I teach my kids the importance of loving ourselves and taking care of our bodies. But, I’m super motivated to work for HOTWORX because I love the program! I want to share it with everyone!

Leah Klos

Charlotte, NC

BIO: I work at HOTWORX in Charlotte, NC. I am also a 200hr certified yoga teacher who offers private 1:1 sessions to people in my city, virtually and in person. I really love being part of my community and making a positive difference any way I can. I look forward to growing my career in the health and fitness industry!

MOTIVATION: Over the years, yoga has really helped me mentally and physically and has completely transformed my life. I want to give back to others and show that you can change your life around at any time, health and fitness being a great place to start! Yoga is so much more than a workout and I really love helping others become the beta version of themselves possible! I love HOTWORX and what we stand for and would love to be a bigger part of the company!

Rachael Lagomarsino

Lodi, NJ

BIO: Love of all things health and fitness! Hardworking and loving single mom! Certified in yoga, barre, Pilates, rowing, running, cycling, and kickboxing!

MOTIVATION: This has always been my dream to be on a bigger platform doing what I love.

Ashley Lambeth

Raleigh, NC

BIO: Hey! My name is Ashley Lambeth from Raleigh, North Carolina. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and my first “real job” was a lifeguard and swim instructor. I began my career in the fitness industry in early 2004 and later started my own fitness business in 2012, DreamBody Productions Personal Training. I have been told many times over the years that teaching is “my gift” and it truly is. Over the last decade I have developed my training specialties and my understanding of the body to inspire, coach and motivate others to live their dream. I love connecting with people on a deeper level and teaching them how to trust and better understand their bodies and how to take care of them. I hope that this becomes more of my story!

MOTIVATION: I Inspire others to chase their dreams. Chasing this opportunity is out of my comfort zone and I am doing it to inspire and motivate everyone to do the same. I walk into HOTWORX and I know how much I want to be that inspiration smiling back at people on the wall, videos, etc. I know if we take care of our body, it will take care of us for a lifetime. Let’s do this!

Alexandria Lamontagne

Auburn, MA

BIO: I am a fitness enthusiast. I grew up playing sports and I always loved working out. For years before even being certified, I trained friends and eventually I realized I could get paid to do this and also enjoy every minute of it. Soon after I became certified, I started taking clients online and quickly got hired at a boutique gym working 1 on 1 with clients and coaching bootcamp classes. I quickly fell in love with helping people become comfortable working out. This is my passion and my purpose! My dream is to become a Virtual Instructor for HOTWORX.

MOTIVATION: The brand and concept is brilliant. I feel pulled to apply, I truly believe it’s what I’m meant to do.

Trisha Legois

Milwaukee, WI

BIO: Previous division basketball athlete. I have been teaching fitness classes since 2008. I have a strong passion for fitness and every benefit it brings to the table.

MOTIVATION: The biggest motivation of becoming an instructor is the ability to be known nationwide and bring high energy to each workout. I have become so passionate about HOTWORX and the great community that I now belong to!

Chuanda Mason

Brooklyn, MD

BIO: Hi, my name is Chuanda Mason. I’m a model/actress turned spin instructor/studio owner. I’m from Gambrills, Maryland. I’m also an Army Veteran. I have owned and operated RTB Cycle since January 2020. I fell in love with spinning when I lived in Los Angeles pursuing my acting career. After being introduced to spinning by NIKE, it became my top life’s passion. I love that I daily get to motivate and show others why I love spinning so much.

MOTIVATION: This is my element. I have been spinning for 15 plus years. I have owned my own studio for over 2 years. I love it. It's my passion. I think HOTWORX is going to be such a big brand and just starting I would love to be a part of your journey. I love motivating people, pushing people to reach their fitness goals.

Lisa Mayfield

Converse, TX

BIO: I started my fitness instructor journey in 2013 and have taught both in person and virtually. I am a HOTWORX owner and area manager, 500hr certified yoga instructor, group fitness instructor and certified personal trainer. I was in a very serious car accident when I was 18 and it left me with limited mobility and a lot of pain. Yoga started my journey to heal through fitness. Since starting my journey with yoga, I have also recently started bodybuilding and competed in my first competition last March. I love fitness of all types and have been training Jiujitsu as well. The HOTWORX sessions have been a huge help for my muscle recovery! I love helping others get started in their fitness journey and to be that inspiration for someone else who might be suffering ailments or autoimmune disease like myself.

MOTIVATION: I live, sleep and breathe HOTWORX everyday and I want to be one of the instructors that guides our members through their fitness journey with us. I would love the opportunity to touch the lives of so many more people out there since HOTWORX is all over the US and even international now.

Tiffani Nolan

Grapevine, TX

BIO: As a certified personal trainer, group fitness and boot camp instructor, and a nutrition coach with over 20 years in the fitness industry, I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. I believe we are triune beings and need balance in body, mind, and spirit for optimal health and wellness. I motivate, inspire, and teach members/clients how to use mind-body-spirit connections during exercising to get the most from their workouts. I believe that consistency is the key to drive results. My direct experience includes:

  • Virtual and live personal training for clients across the country through my own training business
  • Clients include people of all ages ranging from seniors in high school, endurance athletes, to fitness competitors
  • Fitness Director for Body Bionics in Lantana, TX; a golf course community
  • Personal training and group instruction for Body Bionics
  • Group instruction for "Denton County's Best" Shapes Fitness for Women in Flower Mound, TX
  • Group class instruction and personal training at Lifetime Fitness in Flower Mound, TX

In addition to personal training and group instruction, I have media and live audience experience:

  • Guest Trainer on several 2020 television episodes of The Rachel Stacy Show for The Country Network (TCN)
  • Semifinalist for Ms. Health and Fitness 2020 competition
  • Back-up vocalist and lead vocalist for bands and artists on live shows, tv shows, and church
  • Sportswear modeling for game day commercials, game day flyers, brochures, and community catalogs

My training style and my faith match my motto: I CAN and I WILL! WE CAN and WE WILL! I love designing high energy workouts focusing on strength, core, and balance, while challenging, motivating, and pushing clients throughout each session. Empowering people to be the best version of themselves is at the heart of what I do.

MOTIVATION: I believe in the HOTWORX “3D Training” Method and all the health benefits associated with it. I am excited about working in a brand new studio this summer and can't wait to motivate and teach others how to enhance their fitness routines with the HOTWORX fitness training regimen; helping them reach their optimum fitness goals. Being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor would inspire me by allowing me to use my talents and experience to connect to a broader audience and meet people who share the same passion and love of health and fitness. This is also the perfect opportunity to do what I love virtually while coaching others to be a better version of themselves. I would be honored to be a part of the HOTWORX Virtual Instructor experience!

Hope Parker

South Jordan, UT

BIO: Hi, my name is Hope. I'm a professional dancer, dance instructor, and certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Besides teaching consistent group and private classes/clients around Utah, I design and film virtual workouts for an international online fitness platform. I am fascinated with exercise biomechanics and continuously challenge myself and those around me.

MOTIVATION: I enjoy the HOTWORX program/studio. I would love to be part of the HOTWORX family to share my love of fitness and teaching. I believe I create an inviting yet challenging environment for clients of all ages and levels, and HOTWORX would provide even more opportunities to share my passion.


Pismo Beach, CA

BIO: I love encouraging people to achieve their goals of health & wholeness. Coupled with the belief that “you are stronger than you think,” I see my role as one of encouragement while pushing you beyond what you first think you can achieve. My creativity & music choices make working out with me fresh and always FUN!! My whole goal is to help you feel better when you end a workout than when you began.

EXPERIENCE - Group Ex Instructor & Personal Trainer, Former Group Fitness Director Club Sport now Bay Club

CERTIFICATIONS - NASM - CPT, ACE- Group Fitness, PN - Nutrition

SPECIALTIES - Advanced TRX, HIIT, LIIT (low-impact interval training aka low-impact HIIT), Fight, Pilates, Barre, Met-Con, Self-myofascial Release, Mindset

MOTIVATION: I want to broaden my audience and try other avenues as I think I have a lot to offer. I want to change the world, if only by one person's health at a time and I am a firm believer that it is not just physical health that matters but the whole person. I address all of these in my multiple platforms I teach on.

Andrea Pennington

Charleston, WV

BIO: I am married and a mother of three beautiful children. I am an elementary school reading teacher, group fitness instructor, and sports mom! I ran track at Marshall University and have taught group fitness for 16 years. I love all types of fitness and am certified in Les Mills Body Pump, Barre, Piloxing, PIYO, and Zumba. Teaching group fitness has become my passion and I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals!

MOTIVATION: I love teaching group fitness and helping others and this would be a great opportunity to impact more people. I want my kids to see me staying healthy and helping others reach their fitness goals. I also want to be a positive role model in my community and create more opportunities for people to improve their overall health!

Amanda Pinksten

Derry, NH

BIO: I began my fitness journey back in 2018, when I realized I wanted to spend all my time doing what I loved. I found myself finding comfort in the gym and my local yoga studio. I wanted to leave my 9-5 because I felt like I belonged somewhere else. When I finally left and started working at the gym, I would stay after my shift to work out, or attend a yoga class. I realized I was feeling better, happier, healthier, and I fell in love creating a balance between the fitness and holistic world. I obtained a majority of my certificates in 2020, and my kickboxing certificate in 2021. I love being a student and learning new skills that will assist me in balancing the clients lifestyle. Slowly starting from the holistic world, and moving into fitness - I have created long lasting friendships and connections. I’m very grateful that my work has allowed me to create an exciting, and safe atmosphere where I can help my clients achieve their goals, and maintain a fun and balanced mindset.

MOTIVATION: I believe I would bring a fun energy to the workouts. I like to laugh and have fun, and I'm a firm believer that you have to love what you do to see any results - and that goes for everything in life. They’re working out with me and we're all having fun together! I would love to have the opportunity to help guide clients and members to be their absolute best, even if it’s guiding them to the proper tools they need.

Kella Price


BIO: Dr. Kella B. Price has more than 20 years of experience in training, and an MS in Exercise Science and Wellness. Kella has published on various topics, including stress and mental wellness. Currently, she is in the process of publishing a wellness book. She regularly posts via Twitter and Instagram. Kella speaks on topics such as: workplace wellness, weight loss, healthy lifestyle and balance, and exercise. Kella is a fitness and nutrition coach, with two nutrition certifications, an NASM Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, and Speed and Conditioning Coach. She is a group fitness instructor, teaching yoga and barre, strength and conditioning, HIIT, dance fitness, cardio kickboxing, step, bootcamps, aqua fit, as well as kids and senior fitness. She is also certified for TRX, Self-Myofascial Release, Integrative Corrective Exercise, Cancer Exercise, and Mental Health First Aid. Kella travels across the globe, teaching group fitness instructors and personal trainers as a Master Trainer.

Kella is gym owner of Healthy Fit, with several locations and a virtual studio option. She is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through fitness and nutrition. As a mom who got fat, then made a decision to make life changes, she lost 30 pounds with exercise and good nutrition. She is committed to teaching people healthy habits, and encouraging families to hold each other accountable and manage schedules to make exercise a non-negotiable. Her boys are often in tow for family fun exercise, including running local 5k and 10k races, as well as half marathons.

As Executive Director for Healthy Fit Foundation (a 501c3), she is an advocate for providing accessible and free programs within the community. Through community support and sponsorships, HealthyFit Party in the Park and Walk Wednesday provide no-cost community programs for all fitness levels and abilities. Kella is often found in the community providing free events for families, children, and veterans through groups like Team RWB and organizes fitness events as fundraisers for local non-profit organizations like the Yuma Community Food Bank, Arizona’s Children Association, and the Healing Journey.

Kella has participated in a variety of fitness challenges, including a 65-mile bike race and a Rim-to-Rim 25-mile Grand Canyon Extreme Hike for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Marine Corps Marathon, Ragnar Relays (including an Ultra team) and the Yuma Territorial Half Marathon. She placed 1st in her age group for the 2017 Somerton Triathlon and 2018 San Luis Run for the Border Triathlon and 2nd overall in the Desert Heat 2017 Triathlon. Kella is a Valkyrie Racing Team triathlete. She has competed in a Strongman competition, as well as weight lifting competitions, placing 3rd in 2016 for overall women and 3rd in Bench Press at MCAS Yuma. She is also a Nationally-qualified competitor with the NPC, and competes in shows in Fitness and Bikini. In 2017, she was one of only 4 athletes in the state to receive the Triple Crown Award. She has competed in the Beachbody Classic in Nashville, TN, where she was selected to appear in the Success Stories and Infomercial for Body Beast. She is also a featured Success Story for Hammer and Chisel and Beachbody on Demand. She has been featured on the Beachbody website and social media and appeared numerous times on TV as a health and wellness expert. Kella strongly believes that fitness + nutrition + support = success.

MOTIVATION: To work for a nationally known brand and expand my fitness reach.

Lacey Pruett

Coppell, TX

BIO: I am an author and yoga teacher, passionate about healthy living. I love helping busy people make room in their days for self-care, including infrared sauna workouts and yoga. I have one book published and another launching in June 2022, both encouraging young women to step out of society's standards and create their own for life. I am a former Mrs. Texas, and a proud Texan who loves to travel and meet people from all around. I live in the Dallas, TX area with my husband, Barnes, and my two dogs. I also have two grown step-children, eight nieces and nephews who all keep me on my toes. I am involved with animal rescue efforts around the state. I believe we can heal ourselves with the proper tools, and am excited to educate more people about how to care for their bodies in an efficient way.

MOTIVATION: As a yoga teacher, I often hear two things that really bother me:
1. I don't have time to workout, to do yoga, to meditate or to eat well.
2. Yoga studios are intimidating and I am (too fat or too inflexible) to workout there.

There's a need for more inviting, welcoming, inspiring fitness leaders to reach more people. I want to squash these limiting beliefs for people, and the best way to do that is for me to show up well to every workout I teach, every talk I make, and every promotion I do. I think it would be wonderful to have someone use a "first workout free" card for a HOTWORX location, take my session and be encouraged that we are here to help them reach their best. We meet people where they are at--right now--and guide them to their best self. That mission fires me up and is with me each time I leave my house.

Abby Rhoades

Bluffton, SC

BIO: Abby is an ISSA (The International Sports Science Association) certified Personal Trainer. She is a certified, licensed Group Exercise Instructor with 20 years of group Fitness Instruction. She has a love for the outdoors and is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. She practices what she preaches. As a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Massage Therapist; she has found joy, strength, and inspiration through helping, healing and motivating other people. Abby enjoys sharing her knowledge and unparalleled energy during her fitness classes. She offers Pilates, Zumba, Boot Camp, Yoga, and Hott Barre while improving student's muscular strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness.

MOTIVATION: I want to take all of my years of instructing and utilize it by not being limited to just one studio.

Liana Salas

Glendale, AZ

BIO: I’m a yoga & fitness instructor and life coach. I chose to brand my coaching Dreamcatcher Coaching® because I want to help people transform their lives and manifest their dreams; mind, body & spirit. I’m an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Health Coach and RYT200. I also have a BA in Psychology, certificates in life coaching and nutrition, and multiple fitness certifications.

My own 80 pound weight loss transformation developed my passion for fitness & wellness. I have over 6 years experience teaching group fitness. I’ve taught yoga (hatha, flow & sculpt), PiYo, HIIT step and small group personal training classes. I’m currently a virtual instructor for the Exos Fit app.

Practicing and teaching yoga is my greatest love. I enjoy creating flow sequences and adding strength challenges. My goal is for my students to complete class feeling capable & empowered, beyond class & into life. I always make them smile in challenging poses!

I am also a flight attendant and I love adventure activities that let me fly!

MOTIVATION: I began my fitness journey years ago following TaeBo home workouts on VHS tapes. I still incorporate fitness videos in my own training. I know the impact a coach and trainer can make through video. I also love and believe in the power of heat and infrared energy. HOTWORX combines the best of both. It would be a dream come true to continue doing what I love in a new way, represent this amazing company and together, positively impact more lives.

Kimmy Saracino

Portland, OR

BIO: Hey HOTWORX! I'm a certified integrative nutrition health coach and yoga instructor specializing in heated vinyasa, power, sculpt, and slow flow. I used to teach indoor cycling as well and love any workout that gets my heart pumping.
My love lies in events that bring our community together, especially through the power of heat, music, and movement. My background is in theatre and the arts and I allow that to shine through my teaching and collaborations with other creatives, especially in the Portland area.

As a coach, I help clients through holistic and philosophical approaches — prioritizing techniques in gratitude, self-care, mindful eating, and play.

Outside of my regular teaching schedule, I enjoy going out into nature, collaborating with other fitness professionals, and writing for LA Yoga Magazine. I currently teach and film with Flourish Meditation and Seeking Space Yoga.

MOTIVATION: I LOVE HOTWORX. The 3D technology: heat, infrared energy, + exercise is what really sets the brand apart from others, and I know I can authentically share this message with my clients. I know I would make a great addition to the HOTWORX family! :)

Kennetra Searcy

Spring, TX

BIO: My name is Kennetra 'Kiki' Searcy and I am a certified professional trainer through NASM. I'm even happier to say that I am a previous Virtual Instructor from last year and have gained needed knowledge to continue on in this field of exercise. I ran track at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I met my husband and had two children Kenna (7) and DK (3). I continue to train as I've taken up more sports and activities in my leisure such as body building, acting and cooking.

MOTIVATION: What is motivating me to become a HOTWORX VI is from my previous experience competing and becoming a VI for the 2020-21 year. Yet the journey that I embarked on becoming a VI truly gave insight to what others (members) have persevered in their own personal walk within fitness. I received many stories, thank you and just overwhelming love with how a connection between one person on a screen and self in the studio sauna will change the way someone new or not to fitness will continue to become a better version of themselves from the inside out.

Dylan Sides

Charleston, SC

BIO: I am a Fitness Trainer in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. A quote that has stuck in my head that I heard in high school is “Every kid is an artist at heart, the trick is how do we continue that artistic expression as we grow into adulthood.”

Fitness Training is my paintbrush. I’m known for creating fun, unique, engaging, and entertaining workouts! I have hosted a wide variety of classes and locations from a 70+ person bootcamp at WaterFront Park under the Ravenel Bridge, pop-up HIIT classes inside Toast, Palmetto Brewery, CBD Social on King St, Firefly Distillery, etc. I specialize in bodyweight training so that means the possibilities to train literally anywhere… just a kid with a paintbrush trying to make his mark on the Best City in the World. I’m most proud of the connections and people I’ve been able to meet across the lowcountry. I feel connected and a part of all the local cities from Johns Island to Summerville. I’ve been blessed to train everywhere in between. Winning the Charleston’s Choice Best Trainer back-to-back is also a very rad and rewarding feeling! Hard Work Pays Off Always.

MOTIVATION: To have a bigger reach of positive impact in the Fitness Community.

Lex Smith

Columbus, OH

BIO: I have a 500 RTY from Yoga Alliance. I have studied under Kino McGregor, Jason Crandell, Lorin Roche, Dandapani, Ray Long, and David Keil. I am certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation Teacher Training.

I began my journey by watching yoga videos online. I was 22 and had sustained a sciatic nerve injury. At the time, nothing other than yoga helped with the pain. I soon discovered that I was holding more than physical pain. I was anxious, depressed, and an emotional wreck after years of abuse during my teenage years. I spent another two years at a hot yoga studio, learning the names of poses, how to breathe and sit with myself. When my practice plateaued, I decided to dive deeper. I joined a yoga teacher training program. During this training, I decided spirituality, yoga, meditation, and wellness would be my life's work.

My teachings focus on deep healing and connection with the mind-body and the divine. My four-pillar method helps my students reach healing. It helps them find their authenticity and cultivate a better life.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to manage the stress and trauma of the modern world. I created this space to make a 5,000 year-old lineage of teachings fit into the modern world. I strive to help you reach your goals. I want you to achieve a state of freedom in your authentic and highest self and help you stand in your divine power.

MOTIVATION: I feel that HOTWORX will be a great addition to my experience as a yoga and wellness instructor. I also believe that HOTWORX will allow me to let my skills shine!

Veronica Solarz

Winter Garden, FL

BIO: Hey there! My name is Veronica Solarz. I am a wife, a mom of two boys (and 3 dogs), and I live in Florida. I’m 36 and I feel healthier, happier, and more confident than I did at 18. Fitness has become a way of life for me. It has helped me to pursue goals I never thought I could. I have an amazing outlook on life and I want to share that with everyone. I strive to help others to really find themselves and to not think of fitness as a chore, but as this amazing, life changing gift that everyone has access to!

MOTIVATION: My kids are my biggest motivator. They have watched my fitness journey from the beginning because they are the reason for it. I wasn’t able to keep up with them, my health was declining, and I was unhappy. It was affecting them immensely. It took a comment from my oldest son that opened my eyes. The day after he made the comment, was Day 1 of this crazy journey. 100lbs later, equipped with a new outlook, new goals, and a passion that is stronger than any passion I’ve ever had before, I am going for it! I’ve smashed every goal up to this point, it’s time to smash this one and show my kids that hard work pays off!

But not only that, I have truly earned this opportunity. The change I have undergone physically and emotionally has been something I have been open to sharing since I started. Even filling out this application, it’s something I never dreamed I would do five years ago. This is a huge deal for me, and even just submitting this application is cause for celebration.

Shannon Striba

Spring Hill, FL

BIO: I'm originally from Pennsylvania, but I now live in Hernando county Florida. I'm also the GM at HOTWORX Odessa. I'm a NASM certified personal trainer and a former Row House certified rowing coach. I LOVE fitness and inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. I've competed in body building for the last 3 years and have enjoyed that journey as well. However, my true passion has always been as a group fitness instructor. The energy you can bring out in a group environment, large or small, is so invigorating. There's nothing else like it. Fitness has truly helped me find myself and become the best version of me. Outside of the gym, I enjoy reading, running, and spending time with my fiancé and his four crazy kids.

MOTIVATION: I would love to be able to reach and inspire people on a larger scale. However, in the last year or so I have stepped away from coaching to develop my skill as a manager. This competition reinvigorated my passion for coaching. I can think of no greater reward than inspiring our members. Our brand is something that is so unique and that TRULY works. The changes I've seen in myself since starting there have been amazing. I would love to bring the energy and passion I have for this company to a larger audience!

Brittany Williams

Clifton Forge, VA

BIO: "Tomboy turned Beauty Queen" Brittany Williams is a 6x Fitness Universe Sports Model Champion and former Miss United States. A Hotel Management Degree from James Madison University brought her to the bright lights of Las Vegas, but she soon found that she was destined for other things. Brittany is currently a fitness model and spokeswoman, Motivational Speaker, Holistic Wellness Coach with a passion for helping women cultivate authentic confidence, self-love and a positive body image through physical and mental wellness.

After multiple successes, the death of her father in 2017 triggered a cascade of physical and mental health challenges which resulted in a breakdown, depression and anxiety. Navigating through that experience, the passion for total holistic wellness was ignited. Through continual research and education of a variety of wellness, fitness and healing modalities as well as mentorship from naturopathic doctors she was able to rise from the ashes. Brittany is back on her game, better than ever, and on a mission to help other young women do the same.

MOTIVATION: Part of my mission in life is to empower young women to love themselves from the inside out, using fitness as a tool along with mental wellness. I have had opportunities to work with other fitness brands, but nothing feels quite right like this. I have a passion for the brand and am proud to see it grow since the beginning. Also growing is my personal vision and I see it in alignment with HOTWORX.

To be honest, although it has been some time, HOTWORX has pushed me to explore deeper into myself, helping me become more self aware and a better fitness and wellness professional. Now, I am ready to share what I have learned on that journey.