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Virtual Instructor Competition


The following individuals were selected to advance to the 2nd Round of this year's HOTWORX Virtual Instructor Competition. The Online Voting Round ended on July 5, 2021 but stay tuned for the Top 15 and Fan Favorite Award Recipient announcement on July 12th!


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Laurent Amzallag

Rockville, MD

BIO: For the last 25 years, Laurent has been a sought after fitness expert. He was part of Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” Tour, has been featured in ELLE Magazine and as a guest on The Dr. Oz Show. He is a regular correspondent on NBC, FOX, CBS, and the CW Network. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports named him one of the country’s top 50 Trainers.

As a fitness entertainer, speaker and instructor, he is a catalyst for change and transformation using body movement to rewire mindsets. Laurent has led the warm-ups for national campaigns such as The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, MS Society, Best Buddies, and Children’s Hospital.

Laurent is certified through NASM (National Academy Of Sports Medicine) and speaks fluently in French, English, and Spanish.

MOTIVATION: I can reach more people, which allows me to do what I love to do - inspire and motivate.


Chicago, IL

BIO: Hi I'm Rosie Arellano! I am a fitness trainer and one of last year's winners from the 2020 HOTWORX Vitrual Instructor Competition. I have been in the fitness industry since 2014 and have certifications in group exercise instruction and personal training with experience in formats like Cycle, Cardio Core, Bootcamp, HIIT, and of course HOTWORX! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a major in Exercise Science. I like to consider myself a movement enthusiast! I love finding new and fun ways to stay active, which is how I found HOTWORX! I absolutely love HOTWORX and everything it offers. My time as a 2020 HOTWORX Virtual Instructor was incredible and I would be honored to do it all again!

MOTIVATION: Simple. I believe in HOTWORX! Before I became a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor last year, I started out as a member just like you! After my very first session I knew HOTWORX was special. And sure enough, I was hooked. If I do something it's because I 100% believe in it! Being a part of the HOTWORX brand and team was an incredible experience and I know that the next round will be even better with all the feedback from the members!

Maria Barr

Ocean Springs, MS

BIO: I started my journey into Group Fitness in 2005 - 15 YEARS AGO!! In 2005, I started as a Turbo Kick instructor through Blue Powder Productions owned by the renowned Chalene Johnson (producer of Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, PiYo, Hip Hop Hustle and more). She is such an inspiration to me! After starting with Turbo Kick in 2005, I started to teach other class formats as well which included: Hip Hop Hustle, Water Aerobics, Cycling, MMA Kickboxing, and Pilates. I've had a group fitness and personal training certification from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and an MMA Kickboxing Certification through UFC Competitor Alan Belcher. I am currently the Brand Manager and a Master Trainer for Barre Intensity, I instruct RealRyder Cycling classes, Reformer Pilates Classes, and Barre Intensity Classes at PureRyde Cycling + Pilates 6-8x a week and teach Kickboxing at ABMMA in Biloxi, Mississippi. I travel all over the country and teach others how to teach group fitness! It's such a fun job.

I am also a Master Trainer in Reformer Pilates and RealRyder Cycling where I travel around the region teaching workshops to help strengthen other group fitness instructors and studios. I love to travel and meet new people who share this passion with me! I also have a dance background that started in college and took me all the way to the top as a 5x Finalist for the New Orleans Saintsations...ya girl here doesn't give up!
You'll often hear me say, “Failure is Success.” Failure’s not just a part of life, it’s really essential to life and success. It’s like another opportunity to begin again with a more enlightened mind. You can’t continue to learn if you don’t fail.

I hope you consider me for this competition! I'd love to share my passion and experience with HOTWORX clients!!

MOTIVATION: I'm motivated to be a HOTWORX instructor to make a BIGGER IMPACT! I want to be out there in front of so much more. I've worked for almost 2 decades growing as a fitness coach and this would be THE TOP for me!

Natalie Bedford

Salt Lake City, UT

BIO: Hi! I’m Natalie, a long time fitness enthusiast and professional fitness trainer. My certifications range from being a certified personal trainer, exercise physiology, fitness nutritionist, yoga sculpt, indoor cycling and group fit. I am the founder of a small personal training company called Thunder Fitness Training that has been around for almost one year now. I am looking to continue growing in the industry and believe I can be a great model/ambassador for your company!

MOTIVATION: To grow and expand my outreach in the fitness industry.

Ashlee Buchert

Jenks, OK

BIO: Hi, I’m Ashlee Buchert, wife, Mom of 2 and fit pro of 16 years! I love using my passion for fitness to build relationships and help people find the joy in taking care of themselves! Fitness can be fun and I'm here to show you how!

MOTIVATION: The experience! HOTWORX has been so good TO ME and FOR ME. I have so many more friends around the country! It's challenged me, but also given me an amazing platform to do what I love.

Susan Cashdollar


BIO: My name is Susan Cashdollar. I recently visited the HOTWORX in midtown Nashville and became interested in the brand. I've been in the fitness and wellness industry over half of my life now (yikes) - starting as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, then into management and director roles. I'm currently the Creative Marketing Director at Hearst Magazines in NYC. I hold a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, and I don't know anyone who enjoys training more than me. I take a holistic approach to fitness, and include practices from meditation and yoga to HIIT and the extreme.

MOTIVATION: I see the benefit in the brand and product and I want to get behind something that I support and can do well.

Claudia Collazo

North Miami, FL

BIO: Self-proclaimed Fibromyalgia warrior, doing it despite this silent disease. Struggled for years with yo-yo dieting until STRONG on NBC IN 2016 where I was 1/10 women cast in 10k applicants to battle for money and a transformation. Since then I have never looked back. Feel better than ever and am proof you can do anything you put your mind to. Offering hope and inspiration for those battling unseen illness, unmotivated or just struggling!

MOTIVATION: I want to share my passion and inspire in a bigger platform to reach and help more people be better!

Julie Crumpler

Fayetteville, NC

BIO: Hello! I am an E-RYT200 (experienced registered yoga teacher 200 hr training with 1,000+ hours teaching experience). I have a B.A. in Communications with minors in Psychology and Religion. I was a 2020-2021 HOTWORX VI. I’m currently completing my NASM Elite training to obtain personal training, corrective exercise, nutritional coaching, performance enhancement, behavior change and group fitness certifications. I teach private and group fitness classes both in person and virtually. I teach a variety of workout styles including: power yoga, yin yoga, Pilates, piyo, resistance band and weight training, core power and barre. I enjoy all types of exercise and love bringing functional fitness to all levels of students to enhance their overall well being.

MOTIVATION: My motivation this year is still first and foremost the members, both existing members and bringing new members to HOTWORX! The relationships I’ve built locally, as well as on social media, have given me the opportunity to pour into the journey of so many to help them discover their inner warriors. From modifications, advancements, nutrition and support it’s been incredible to spread HOTWORX brand awareness for people to take control of their health. I also really love being able to collaborate with such an amazing group of fitness professionals to provide the most effective workouts. I truly believe having the experience and familiarity with HOTWORX will make me that much better as a second year VI. I know I have more to bring to members and feel confident in teaching every single workout and would love the opportunity to do so.

Britney Curry

Houston, TX

BIO: Britney Curry began her fitness journey at a young age, graduating from Merrillville High School as a three-sport athlete, with basketball being her primary focus. Britney’s passion for basketball led to her being a student athlete at Rockford College, earning All-Conference awards all four years. While at Rockford, she also pursued her interest in the sciences, ultimately earning a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. After suffering two separate ACL injuries (in 2005 and 2015), Britney understood her true passion, helping others. Britney is a performance coach who focuses on functional training and sports performance. She is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS).

MOTIVATION: My desire to help others is motivating me to be a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor. Depression, anxiety, and low self esteem are all real and I wholeheartedly believe fitness is one solution to each of those problems.

Casey Dutton

Seattle, WA

BIO: Hey! My name is Casey Dutton and I am originally from Southern California and currently reside in Seattle, WA. I am a certified personal trainer and have a vast background in athletics. I love doing triathlons in my free time and absolutely love training my clients, pushing them mentally and physically. I have a lot of fitness modeling and commercial experience!

MOTIVATION: What motivates me is seeing friends and family around me dealing with cardiovascular issues. I want to help everyone avoid these problems via fantastic workouts and decrease certain foods in your diet that aren't helping.

Rachael Eraker

Tulsa, OK

BIO: I am a mother of two and a wife who has been an athlete since a young child. I am a yoga instructor here in Tulsa at a boutique studio called SALT Yoga, one of the best studios in the city. I am an endurance runner and also road biker, and am becoming certified to instruct cycle. I am also enrolled and in the process of personal training certification through NASM that will be completed by the beginning of July!

MOTIVATION: The studio I teach at has heat panels so I teach in very high temps and have enjoyed the workout sessions I have done at HOTWORX. I believe that I push students in an encouraging manner and help them to see that they are capable of more than they know. I have a unique look and am confident, not cocky, in my skin that I believe others are inspired by.

David Edward Garcia

Laredo, TX

BIO: I have raced all over the world as an elite runner and cyclist. I have motivated people all over the world as an award-winning motivational speaker in huge venues. My cycle classes are so fun and challenging that they are usually booked days in advance. I am an author, linguist, and a public-school teacher who can teach almost anything to anyone.

MOTIVATION: The limitless ability to help people achieve their goals! When I coach in a studio, I am limited to the number of bikes in the room and have to turn people away. As a Virtual Instructor, however, nobody gets turned away. That is truly beautiful.

Madison Gates

Northlake, TX

BIO: My name is Madison Gates, I’m 20 years old, and I am the GM for the HOTWORX- Colleyville,TX studio! I’m absolutely in love with HOTWORX and working out!! I’m also a classically trained dancer and have competed for many years!

MOTIVATION: The fact that I would be able to use it as a platform to reach so many people worldwide and help them achieve their fitness goals!

Ashley Gonzales

Houston, TX

BIO: I have been a personal trainer most of my life, I love fitness of all sorts from yoga, HIIT, Pilates, hiking and jogging, and I have recently gotten into OCR races. I have been a coach and also a competitor! I am always trying new things and enjoyed going to HOTWORX!

MOTIVATION: I first heard of the opportunity from the owners at my HOTWORX location, they told me to apply. At first I didn’t know I would be making the videos which I found really neat! I also think virtual instructing is a skill everyone should have under their belt nowadays. I enjoy creating content, being on camera, and of course getting a workout out of it!

Danielle Gregoire

East Grand Forks, MN

BIO: Hi I'm Danielle. Health & fitness have been a lifelong passion, and what fuels me to help others. I am certified in 200 RYT Yoga Alliance, Owned/Operated Ganesha Yoga, ACE Personal Training, BUTI Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt. I had found HOTWORX this past year during the pandemic, and it had opened up the opportunity to continue my fitness journey. I currently teach at Lotus Yoga, and the passion for group fitness has only grown. I love to teach, and share the knowledge of healthy living, thinking, and overall wellness we can create for ourselves. This opportunity to become a HOTWORX instructor is just what I'm looking for to learn, and connect with so many motivated people.

MOTIVATION: My motivation for being a HOTWORX instructor is to share the knowledge, and joy of fitness. The ability to help others achieve their fitness goals in a safe, fun, and HOT atmosphere. To know there is growth on the other side of the screen, is the ultimate goal!

Martavious Irving

Wichita, KS

BIO: I’m from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but living in Kansas. I am a graduate of Kansas State University, where I played basketball for 4 years and graduated with a Business Marketing degree. I’ve been playing professional basketball overseas since 2014 and had stops in Slovakia, China, Philippines, and Indonesia. I’m 6’2, 210lbs, love to cook, play FIFA, and watch Netflix.

MOTIVATION: Honestly, I go to HOTWORX so much I feel like I should be an instructor. Also, I’ve brought friends in to workout with me and I motivate them to push through when it gets tough.

Danica Kempinski

Birmingham, AL

BIO: Danica is a fitness instructor, business owner, and creative at heart. She is a 500-hour
registered yoga instructor, with training in multiple styles of yoga; including vinyasa, yin, restorative, children’s, and pre/post-natal yoga, barre certified instructor, and currently teaches in Birmingham, Alabama. Danica is the founder and owner of TEMPER Yoga, LLC, a wellness brand focused on private yoga/barre sessions, yoga retreats, and group fitness classes, and is currently in the process of opening her own HOTWORX in Birmingham, AL! She has been teaching group fitness for over 6 years, bringing the opportunity to teach in various locations all around the country, and on screens across the world at HOTWORX. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business, and when she isn’t teaching/working, you can either find her on the spin bike or DIY’ing home improvement projects (sometimes successfully!).

MOTIVATION: I feel like the momentum I have built as a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor is only just beginning and I’m ready to keep that momentum going and not let the foot off the gas! I truly care about the HOTWORX community/brand and being a part of this process allows me the opportunity to bring my expertise and personality in a way that creates success for the whole. There is big growth happening at HOTWORX and I love playing a part of the VI production team. I am so grateful for this opportunity. (Plus, how cool would it be to be a VI when I open my very own franchise?!)

Tyler Kirkpatrick

Hilton Head, SC

BIO: I am Power Barre and Power Pilates certified and have been teaching the past 6 years. I am currently an inferno hot Pilates Instructor at Bikram Yoga on Hilton Head Island 4 times a week and sub in Savannah, GA at The Hub when needed as well. I am also the Marketing Director for a Medical Spa. I absolutely love teaching and training. I cheered at the University of South Carolina for 4 years and it made me fall in love with being in front of a crowd, on camera, health and fitness! I am very passionate about teaching and helping others feel confident walking out of my class, challenging them to do more than they thought they could! When I am not planning or teaching inferno hot pilates classes and doing the marketing for LUX~A Medical Spa in Bluffton, you can find me on the beach!

MOTIVATION: With many reasons behind my motivation for wanting to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor, the main reasons are: there are many individuals who are still nervous to be in front of a crowd with COVID still being in the world today and I don’t want that to stop them from focusing on their health and fitness! A healthy lifestyle is so important. There are also many people who have such busy schedules, workout classes aren’t an option for them. For people to have the ability to go into an infrared sauna, and to be virtually instructed whenever they have time during the morning, day or night is so amazing.

Amanda Leduc

Keene, TX

BIO: Born and raised in Arlington, Texas. At 33, a love for nutrition and personal development lead to popping a home-workout into the DVD player. Coupled with a "never give up" attitude, fitness became the catalyst to overcoming a lifetime of depression. Now everyday is a new opportunity to spread that healing and empowerment to others.

MOTIVATION: I want to step up to represent the real, hard working divas out there getting up early to get it in before taking the kids to school and staying up late to grind it out towards their dreams, as well as the momma's taking time for self-care because they know it will make them healthier, happier, more patient, focused and capable. I want to be the reason someone comes back to sweat it out because they know I believe in them and if I can do it so can they.

Alexis Lind

Chandler, AZ

BIO: Hi! My name is Alex. I am a 26 year old, lively, certified personal trainer and 200 hour hatha/ vinyasa yoga teacher. I crave for adventures around the world, and to spend lots of time upside-down! I speak Norwegian and you will rarely see me not wearing lululemon.

MOTIVATION: Time freedom, not an ongoing time restricted career opportunity. It's the next "big thing" in the evolution of fitness and training.

Isidora Madzarevic

Fort Lauderdale, FL

BIO: Hi, my name is Isidora! Just got my AFAA certification and am looking to gain experience in the fitness industry. I played division 1 basketball, ran track and played volleyball in high school, so I'm very athletic in sports, my whole life basically. I also did full-time modeling for 3 years after college. I think I would be a good fit because I have a lot of knowledge, I am social, a people person, and I physically don't have a “plain” look, so people like to talk to me. In my free time I love to bike, go to the beach, pool, tan, travel, read, fold laundry (weird I know)!

MOTIVATION: I love helping people (not to sound like everyone else), but I love giving tips to people to reach their physical and mental goals related to fitness. I've been in sports my whole life and I believe that is a completely healthy industry, mindset, and just a great feeling in general.

Bravo Marandure

Jersey City, NJ

BIO: Hi! I’m Bravo Marandure. I am an avid gym goer, model, personal trainer and advocate for health and fitness. I began my fitness journey 11 years ago aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle, cut bad habits and achieve an aesthetic physique. My passion for fitness has grown tremendously over the years. It prompted me to earn my personal trainer certification in an effort to help others achieve their fitness goals and help them live a healthy lifestyle. I am a strong believer in the saying “you get out of life, what you put in” and I’m here to inspire and do my best to continue helping others put in the work needed to achieve their highest potential.

MOTIVATION: The challenge of competing to be the best!

Ilsa Martinez

Las Vegas, NV

BIO: I have had a passion for fitness and physical activity since I was introduced to sports in middle school. I grew up in Italy on a military base where the only thing to do was to participate in school sports. When I wasn’t playing a sport, I found a love of lifting weights and other types of workouts such as boxing, hiking, and swimming, which I continue to include in my lifestyle today. This evolved to earning a college BS in athletic training. I found a bigger passion about 10 years ago with Pilates and became an instructor to be able to share my newest love of Pilates to the world. I am a single mom of three kids so it is vital to stay healthy and active in order to keep up with them. I have several other certifications and continue learning so that I am able to help those that are in search of changing their minds and body through physical activity.

MOTIVATION: I took a session at a HOTWORX studio in my city and was inspired by the number of people who come in and trust just one person through a TV screen to get them through a workout. I thought to myself, if they can do this I believe I have the mindset and ability to also motivate and inspire others when they come in to trust instructors for their daily dose of exercise and to help others achieve the healthiest version of themselves.

Lyndz McCulloch

New Braunfels, TX

BIO: Fun, loving mom of 2 with a passion for fitness and activity.

MOTIVATION: I am motivated to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor for the opportunity, networking, and connecting with the HOTWORX community and plus orange is my color! :)

Nicole Montesanti

Sandy Springs, GA

BIO: I am a health coach. I do total programming holistically and I’m huge on mental health. My goal is not only to create results, but help create habitual changes that give longevity to the results we create. I coach the way I do in finding what works in my own journey, while still relating to each individual based on what they need or what they're going through. I personally have been on each end of the spectrum, from being skinny, fat, building muscle/toning up to doing a bikini competition, and 5 weeks later gaining 30 lbs! I acquired a binge eating disorder and had to overcome many mental health problems. That's when I realized what "fitness" is really about. Fitness is wellness!

MOTIVATION: I love helping the masses of people and inspiring many at once. I also love the concept of what you offer and INFRARED HEAT. I already have 3 years of experience in teaching indoor spin classes and one of our elements was infrared heat and that's when I fell in love with it!

Christopher Poirier

Lowell, MA

BIO: I am a Korean-Adopted and have been a personal trainer for over a decade now. I have worked with hundreds & thousands of people personally and online throughout my career. While I have fitness credentials, such as multiple training/nutrition certifications, I have also began to make a name for myself within fitness entertainment, as well by being selected to compete on the popular TV Show on NBC, "American Ninja Warrior" (Season 8), as well as being a lead trainer on the fitness streaming platform "Dailyburn." Whether it's one-on-one working with private clients or in front of a camera in front of hundreds & thousands of people, I've dedicated and will continue to dedicate my energy to the fitness industry because of how much opportunity there is to reach people and change their lives and body.

MOTIVATION: On any championship team, chemistry is important. I believe that becoming a Virtual Instructor again will allow me to represent HOTWORX better than before now with the experience I have working with the corporate team, my local HOTWORX, and online community. This is an industry-changing company and I want the opportunity to build with HOTWORX as they grow now that we are coming out of a pandemic. The best has yet to come and I believe I can be a valuable team member moving forward.

Lisa Reed

Naples, FL

BIO: Lisa is a world-renowned strength & conditioning/fitness expert, trainer, educator, and motivator with over 25 years of training hundreds of clients. Lisa offers individualized and customized fitness and nutrition programs for all ages and fitness levels- from personal, partner and group fitness and nutrition programs. Train right in the comfort of your own home or pool, or Lisa will meet and train you at your location of choice - even meet you at the beach! Lisa’s training programs are specific for every body, specializing in: Men’s & Women's Health, Senior Strength, Sport Specific- Golf, Tennis & Pickleball for example. She can improve your balance, core, and strengthen your bones to prevent aging and assist you in overcoming a past or current injury. Lisa has presented to her National Conference, on Capitol Hill and to many communities in Washington DC and Naples, Florida.

MOTIVATION: This is my calling! I am meant for this!!!

Jenny Salerno

Bluffdale, UT

BIO: Jennifer believes that in order to begin to understand your true self you need to push through the struggle, the walls, the limitations to begin to see and understand you. True happiness comes when we push through the struggles.

Yoga is a space to be with no judgement, no expectations and a place to find liberation. Feeling free to express through movement, to feel raw emotions, to build a relationship between the body, mind, and breath. Her passion and love for yoga is strong. She loves that she is able to share her passion in a class setting, privately, or through facilitating our LifePower yoga teacher training program.

In her classes she loves to combine creativity with movement, playful moments, to inspire, and to help deepen your relationship with the self. Yoga is a beautiful journey and a different experience every time you step on your mat.

MOTIVATION: I absolutely love the harmony of healing modality with the infrared and yoga, adding a layer to heal and to earn the burn in yoga.

Kimmy Saracino

Portland, OR

BIO: I discovered my love for yoga in my early twenties, while obtaining my degree in the arts. I went on to become a certified yoga instructor with YogaWorks and began teaching in 2014. My favorite type of classes to teach are powerful flows, such as Vinyasa and Sculpt with weights.

Since then, I became certified in indoor cycling and worked at various gyms and studios around the Los Angeles area. I've also collaborated with and instructed multiple classes for transformation festivals, yoga events, and even began writing for LA Yoga Magazine. I am currently based in Portland, Oregon, where I teach at "Yoga on Yamhill."

MOTIVATION: I would love to be a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor because I know I can bring amazing energy to the company's image. I'm really interactive with my students and clients and believe that my charisma will shine through.

Anthony Sciscento

Wilmington, NC

BIO: Since the age of 6 beginning year-round swimming, athletics and wellness have always promoted an active lifestyle. Focusing on the minute details or form/function through human physiology has always been a passion of mine to increase my own athletic prowess, but after a major shoulder surgery my freshman year of college shattered my athletic career; a new passion was born to spread that knowledge. Utilizing my studies in exercise physiology at East Carolina University, I began to materialize a career in fitness! Working with various franchises and earning a variety of accreditations for personal training and nutrition I have loved every second of changing lives through fitness! I have realized that everyone has a realignment of priorities through various challenges in life and if I can help keep wellness a priority through those challenges and shifts, my mission is complete!

MOTIVATION: Motivating people through fitness and bringing life to someone's workout each and every day is a privilege. I take my frustrations and stresses and put them into a workout to come outside myself, and I love motivating others to do the same. Especially hearing the variety of ways HOTWORX has changed our members' lives here in Wilmington, I can only imagine what my energy could bring to an already stellar program!

Kennetra Searcy

Spring, TX

BIO: I ran track since I was 7 in school and I earned a full scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I received my bachelor’s degree. I obtained my master’s degree from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. To no one’s surprise, I chose the field of personal trainer as my venue for service.

While wearing so many hats, I advocate for the power and beauty of African-American women. I am promoting higher education with college scholarships for black women.

I am married to a professional athlete who supports my mission and drive for success. We together have a 6-year-old daughter and 2 year old son.

MOTIVATION: What is motivating me to become a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor is being able to still train even through a national pandemic. I like to workout but the most exciting part to it is that clients have the ability to see people who look just like them doing the same workout that is a challenge and being motivated at the same time.

Alexandra Sempek

Omaha, NE

BIO: I'm Coach Ali - an internationally-certified holistic health and empowerment coach. I work specifically with women on breaking up with toxic diet culture, creating a unique health plan and feeling fully confident in their own skin. I grew up in the fitness world with my mom as a gym owner and my dad as a chiropractor, so I was able to experience a wide range of fitness and fell in love with trying new studios, ways of working out and so on. However, as I was naturally a curvy female, I struggled with body image from a young age and inevitably forced myself into an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. My goal today is to empower and inspire women of all ages and sizes to find a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that they love - all while showing them you do not need to be a size 4 to be healthy or beautiful.

MOTIVATION: My passion for helping people feel their best - mind, body and soul. HOTWORX is not just a great workout and solely about losing weight. It's an incredible way to rehabilitate your body, refresh your mindset and release negative toxins. I want to show the strength you can gain from joining this community. Rather than the stereotypical vibe of other independent studios, I want anyone who encounters HOTWORX to feel encouraged, challenged and supported by this company to become the best versions of themselves.

Josh Snyder

Chattanooga, TN

BIO: My name is Josh Snyder. My fiance and I recently obtained two franchisee licenses for the state of Tennessee this past year. As of now, we're in the process of finding that one perfect location, and we hope to be up and running within the next five months. My passion for overall health and wellness has driven me to make a difference in the lives of the people surrounding me. I've been heavily involved in sports and athletics throughout my entire life, even now in my early 20's. In the past, I've done personal training for friends and family friends, while also doing group fitness training for two different CrossFit gyms. My fitness achievements range from competing in bodybuilding, doing marathons, CrossFit competitions, and even completing a full Ironman with a fractured fibula and tibia. I'm very driven and mentally tough, while also being adamant about giving back to others and helping them achieve whatever goal they have in mind. I would make a great fit for the incredible line-up of HOTWORX Virtual Instructors.

MOTIVATION: My motivation is solely driven by my love for helping change others' lives and perceptions of training. Many individuals are discouraged from going to any gym because of their lack of knowledge or because of their physical insecurities. My goal is to motivate those individuals with my energy and love for others.

Mia Speight

Laurel, MD

BIO: Actress and fitness enthusiast who served with her focus and discipline as a former personal trainer. A native of Baltimore, Maryland and the youngest of 3 siblings, she is very passionate when it comes to acting, physical activity and community service. She has worked on movies, television, voice overs, stage and stunts.

Determination and faith are her attributes. Driven, teachable and resourceful. She is grateful for the present and looking forward to the future. Her gift of teaching, exhorting, and serving as a person, missionary and lover of world culture makes her gaze set on roles that are out-of-the-box.

Mia's acting embodies the girl next door qualities while concealing a true fighter spirit. One word to describe her, lioness.

MOTIVATION: I love fitness and even though I'm a semi-retired trainer, I can't stop wanting to help people in the gym who I see can use a tip or inspiration. My strong desire is to help those who want help.

Sydnie Steele

Jacksonville, FL

BIO: Originally from Montana, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida for college (UNF) to garner an education and explode on my athletic career. I am a freshly former Division 1 Track athlete who has endlessly devoted years to fitness while striving for peak mental and physical health. With years of running and lifting experience, I was on the hunt for a workout that was different and innovative after a major knee injury. I was looking for something that would help free me from joint pain. I found through HOTWORX and an indoor cycling studio that I was able to get the best workouts of my life without running six miles a day. My injury was a blessing in disguise that led me to love HOTWORX and the values that the company stands for.

MOTIVATION: After a career ending injury, my life felt very empty without running. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a few years and found that my only outlet would be fitness. I noticed after every workout, spin class, hot yoga etc., I would immediately feel better about my mental and physical health. It has never been about the looks but the internal rewards, something everyone should remember. My mother has been my biggest supporter through it all and joined HOTWORX the same day as I did just so she could workout with me. She had a heart transplant in 2007 and has always told me to chase my dreams, even when they seem out of reach. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and that is why I am applying to this competition.

Andre Stone

Coupeville, WA

BIO: I'm a fitness instructor, emcee/host, and product development engineer from Seattle! I'm in constant pursuit of harmony, balance and excellence in health, craft and mind. I love being active and sharing that with others as I believe that the human body is meant to be in motion! I grew up playing soccer, however, my curiosity and passion for movement in general has allowed me to explore running (trail, road), yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, calisthenics, Breakletics, dance (hip hop, swing, house), Aikido, and more! Each experience and form has their own focus and technique, which provides opportunity for amazing mental and physical growth! In the words of Bruce Lee: "Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow..."

MOTIVATION: I'm looking to take my virtual workout instructing to the next level! The "3D Training" sounds like a blast and a workout that is really pushing you to your limits! I know that these workouts are going to push me to up my game and help me grow as an instructor. This will in turn allow me to provide that same push and motivation to everyone that's tuning in to work out with me! I also resonate with the style of workout (HIIT) that you do at HOTWORX as I specialize in bodyweight and calisthenic-style exercises.

Gabrielle Theriot

Addis, LA

BIO: I have mastered the life skill of Survival; Surviving is to continue pressing onward despite any and all unsettled feelings within one’s soul.

I graduated from Southeastern in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology- concentration in Fitness Human Performance. Along with my official NASM certification I received in 2018, I also began my journey as a bodybuilder- with 4 shows under my belt as a nationally qualified bikini competitor, the next milestone is to achieve my Pro Card! I'm best described as a woman of many talents as I am always working on something such as: graphic design material, training, starting my own business, investing, crafting, wood working (Haha, but really), to name a few. You name it- I claim it!

Losing my mother in 2018 is an aching pain that will never let up, and the very pain that has had my focus on one thing: SURVIVING. We were not created to merely survive- we were created with a purpose meant to thrive through love.

I'm loud, but in the best way to get you pumped up to crush a workout! My passion for health and fitness is intense, but only because I care. I recognize we only get one chance with the bodies we are in, and we would be foolish to not love it and take care of it as such, ya know?

At 26 years old, I’ve finally stopped trying to do it on my own and started to implement the wisdom my hard head has gained over time that has now revealed the grace of God’s hands that have always been on my life. Now, I don’t simply survive- I fearlessly and wonderfully LIVE to carry out my life’s purpose: teach and encourage those around me to live life as healthy and fit as possible!

MOTIVATION: Once again, any and all things health and fitness are my passion! Although I will say, I am very big on muscle to mind connection- pertaining to workouts as well as learning more about our souls deeper self. The HOTWORX environment with its heated saunas will bring me to a place of stillness to internally focus on my breathing and push my muscle to mind connection to a deeper level. HOTWORX is another opportunity for self growth, and I am diving head first!

Bri Weiner

Knoxville, TN

BIO: Proud supporter of athleisure and messy buns. I am an avid adventure seeker always searching for a way to bust down any mental and physical obstacle. As a huge sports and outdoor fan, I have mastered the skill of sideline cheerleader but excel when I'm in the game! I am a successful law student pursuing a legal career to help people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. In and out of the fitness world, I love to inspire others to tap into the potential I see in them. Weaknesses include not being able to stop my dancing feet and belting the high notes in any Whitney Houston song. Strengths include belting the high note in any Whitney Houston song and making people as happy as the people in yogurt commercials. My motto is "win the day!"

MOTIVATION: I was introduced to HOTWORX by someone who knew my fitness style, schedule, and internal competitiveness would fit perfectly with the HOTWORX community. For the three years I’ve been a HOTWORX member, I’ve become addicted to "earning the burn." I believe in HOTWORX because I’ve seen myself transform physically, push myself mentally, and feel the benefits of the infrared energy as I healed from old injuries and prevented new ones. I am motivated by the opportunity to introduce more people to that benefit and have those breakthroughs for themselves! I have never left a HOTWORX session and thought “ugh I wish I hadn’t come.” Often, I stay longer to do an extra session and chat it up with the friendly employees! Being a HOTWORX Virtual Instructor is my way to pay it forward for the results I've achieved and benefits my body has received. I want to be a representative of the program that has given me so much. I want people from around the world to win the day with me every time they join me in the HOTWORX sauna.

Elle Williams

Fayetteville, NC

BIO: I’ve been active my whole life, played sports, modeled, ran races, snow & water ski. I’m an INBA figure pro and our city pageant queen (Mrs. Fayetteville). I’ve also been training & writing meal plans for my clients for years in NC. I have active twin boys, 2 dogs and a husband in the military. I just finished my Bachelor’s Degree cum laude from FSU and I’m currently applying to graduate schools for nutrition.

MOTIVATION: I am applying because the virtual environment is the way forward. I researched the methods behind HOTWORX & the science is verified & it’s safe so I can support a company I believe in.

Crystal Lawson Wisenauer

Newnan, GA

BIO: I am a Yin Yoga teacher. I teach Vinyasa but also specialize in Yin and have additional training in Chinese Medicine . I have my Reiki one as well. I am also CPR, AED and Personal Trainer Certified. I am a professional kickboxer.

MOTIVATION: I went to a HOTWORX session and as I was doing the workout...I said "this is something I would love to do!"