Unleash Your Inner Warrior to Overcome Adversity

In this year of the pandemic it’s easy to allow yourself to be dragged into a downward spiral of negativity. Don’t let it happen! It’s not the correct response to adversity. There is a way to keep moving in a positive direction, and even catapult yourself to a much higher level amidst this seemingly awful situation we find ourselves in.

Announcing The Book, Hot Exercise

As a fitness blogger who began writing weekly articles for almost five years now, I suppose it was natural that I would write a book at some point. It was always in the back of my mind, even before the HOTWORX blog, but the book topic did not reveal itself to me until a little while after we introduced our, now patented, infrared workout sauna to the marketplace in the summer of 2015.

Break Your Limiting Mental Patterns!

I have written article after article on the topic of workout consistency and its importance for training measurability and ultimately for best fitness results. For fitness beginners and for many who are past the beginner level, they have not yet arrived to the place where they understand this. They need to break the limiting mental pattern of thinking that they should do something different during every workout with respect to postures or exercises within any given workout type. This thought pattern is shortsighted and stems from lack of training experience mostly.

Maintain a Vacation Motivation Mentality

According to Zig Ziglar, the legendary motivator and sales master, you are always the most productive the day before your vacation. I would certainly agree with that, and note that you always spend that day tying up all of your loose ends for work as well as all of the packing and planning for your departure the very next day.

Heat, Infrared Radiation, and Exercise in the COVID Era

The health club industry as we used to know it is likely to have been changed forever by COVID-19. Post-lockdown fitness customers are still looking for gyms and studios, but, they want a health club that can provide a sense of safety through social distancing and cleanliness. They want to join a gym, in fact, most are to the point of going stir crazy, but they need a really good reason to leave home during these times.

Burn More Fat with Fasted Infrared Training

Fitness professionals hear a lot about fasted training these days. How does it apply to infrared workouts?

An Infrared Bonfire for Fitness

There are those who train and there are those who train harder. This blog post is for those who train harder…those who want even more. Always remember that you get out what you put in! If you put more into your workouts, you will get more results from them.

Mind/Body Connection Through Infrared Fitness Consistency

In last week’s blog article I touched on the importance of consistent training to achieve a mind/body connection for a higher level of fitness results. This week let’s delve into the world of mental focus for body results.

Infrared Fitness: Evolution Through Consistency

There is some confusion in fitness these days with respect to the importance of workout consistency and how it should be applied. Some trainers are promoting a “change your workout every time you come in the gym” mentality which creates an unacceptable vulnerability for risk of injury to the client.

Did You Know This About Infrared?

Infrared is electromagnetic energy and a form of radiation found in the invisible area of the light spectrum. We know that infrared energy penetrates the human body up to 1.5 inches experienced as a subtle warmth of radiant heat to the body. The wavelength of infrared is longer than visible light and more easily absorbed by human skin.