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C’mon America, Be a Fitness Warrior!

I just read an article that reported the 2020 ranking for the obesity rates of all of the USA by state. The highest obesity rate was 39.7% for the worst state, Mississippi, and 24.2% for the best, Colorado.

The Smart Workout

Working out is like brushing your teeth. You have to get it done! If you fail to brush your teeth they will decay. If you fail to work out the rest of your body will decay!

The Most Unique Rower on the Planet is Now Patented

It has been a journey to get to this point with a rowing machine that would fit in the HOTWORX infrared fitness saunas, and one that would be different and more effective for hot exercise.

Accelerated Infrared Fitness Results for New York City

We can all agree that time is a valuable commodity. Time is money, right!? If time is money, then it certainly has value when it comes to how time is spent with your workouts.

1000 HOTWORX Franchise Licenses Granted!

It began with a great workout…a workout like no other…Athletic Yoga in an Infrared Sauna!

The Power of Your Inner Warrior

I always like to say that people can always do more than they think they can do. I believe that.

Yoga Evolved

This is my third year in a row now to travel to Tulum, Mexico which is considered to be one of the world’s top yoga retreat destinations.

Infrared Workouts for Better Circulation

Did you know that exposure to the energy of infrared light can greatly improve your circulatory system?

Workout Intensity vs Entropy

After recovering from climbing Camelback Mountain in the outdoor infrared and under the Phoenix midday sun last week, I noticed an incredible rejuvenation of my entire body.

Vacation Fitness Motivation

I am a firm believer in using vacations as motivation for a fitness program. When you purchase the plane ticket and reserve your hotel room with a deposit, then there is no turning back unless you want to lose your money.