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Infrared Training for Endurance

What does it mean to endure? The simple answer to that question is to last. The best fitness programs pay attention to endurance.

Change Your Fitness Perspective and Change Your Life

There are moments in life that leave and indelible impression upon a persons psyche. Some people refer to these as seminal moments.

Infrared Training and a Kilimanjaro Climb for Wounded Warriors and First Responders

I’ve written on several occasions about the importance of scheduling a future event as a training motivator for your fitness program. There’s nothing that will get you moving more than looking forward to a trip to a far away place that involves a bucket list activity.

What Does Toothpaste and Working Out Have in Common?

To answer the why let me ask another question. Would you skip brushing your teeth in the morning? I would hope that all of us would answer with a resounding NO.

Crush It! Without Crushing It.

You can crush your routine without having to beat down on your body from constant high impact blows. Known as ballistic training, or jump training, this form of plyometric movement is one way to crush it, but the long term result could be very crushing to your body.

Infrared Training and Detox

Four years ago, in the early stages of the HOTWORX franchise development, when I would write about the effectiveness of infrared training and the massive sweating and detox that occurs inside of the sauna, I was met with with resistance from some of the leaders in the traditional yoga circles.

A De Facto Corporate Mission Statement

As a business professional, over time I have come to view the generally accepted method of creating a corporate mission statement as flawed.

C’mon America, Be a Fitness Warrior!

I just read an article that reported the 2020 ranking for the obesity rates of all of the USA by state. The highest obesity rate was 39.7% for the worst state, Mississippi, and 24.2% for the best, Colorado.

The Smart Workout

Working out is like brushing your teeth. You have to get it done! If you fail to brush your teeth they will decay. If you fail to work out the rest of your body will decay!

The Most Unique Rower on the Planet is Now Patented

It has been a journey to get to this point with a rowing machine that would fit in the HOTWORX infrared fitness saunas, and one that would be different and more effective for hot exercise.