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A Laser Focused Convention

The 2022 HOTWORX Franchise Convention theme was “FOCUS”, and it was a laser focused event indeed. From the opening of the first day with a laser light show set to high energy music to the riveting lineup of speakers, the three day event was jam packed with great content. The energy level was sky high with almost 1000 people in attendance live and another few hundred watching online.

World renowned scientist and heat therapy expert Dr. Rhonda Patrick delivered a brilliant talk involving several topics relevant to infrared training. Her comments on hormesis as it relates to training in a sauna were exceptionally noteworthy!

The keynote address was delivered by Amy Purdy as the final speaker of the opening day and she brought the house down with her story of how to turn obstacles into opportunities. If you want some extra motivation, find a copy of her book On My Own Two Feet.

In the background of the convention the annual Virtual Instructor Competition was held with multiple segments including interviews, small group training, the outdoor isometric workout, the photo shoot and the onstage finals the last day. I must say that the top 7 for this new season are an incredibly talented group of fitness athletes. They will certainly be bringing it very soon for the filming of new 2022-2023 infrared workouts.

The Expo Hall this year was packed and the vendors welcomed franchisees with open arms! There were many fresh and exciting things displayed this year from newly expanded yoga wear offerings and imaginative retail displays to transformation of sister brand Planet Beach into the innovative new 24 Hour Sol Spa concept. HOTWORX Brand Ambassador, Rachel Bradshaw, was in the house signing autographs at her booth, and the VI candidates performed a live photo shoot competition in one area of the Expo. The hall was electric this year!

Amy Gordon returned to host the Laser Focus Awards Banquet and served very well as the auctioneer of the charity fund raise for Sacred Mountain Retreat Center to benefit Wounded Vets and First Responders. So far in 2022 the company has raised 100K between the Hiking for Heroes Kilimanjaro climb to the silent and live convention auctions in support of this important cause providing vital therapy to veterans in need!

Big thanks go out to all who donated cash for the Kilimanjaro climb and to those who purchased items and donated items for the auctions. Your support for our troops and first responders in need is greatly appreciated!

With the largest company convention ever now in the books, HOTWORX looks to next year with the theme of “MOMENTUM” for the 2023 franchise convention. Stay tuned!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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