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A Workout That’s Not a Chore

I received a message from a HOTWORX customer recently on Instagram requesting advice on how to properly hydrate and how to use creatine as a supplement. I was happy to respond to her with a few suggestions. After my message to her she responded with a delightful statement:

“I go to the Owasso location! It’s been great!! I …Thank you so much for responding! Hotworx has been amazing for me. Working out isn’t a chore anymore😊”

Her last sentence stood out in my mind as one of the reasons as to why the 3D Training Method of HOTWORX has become so popular across the country, and now in other countries. The workouts are fast, effective, and fun…not a chore.

The combination of unique 30 minute isometric workouts and 15 minute HIIT sessions performed in an infrared sauna provides fast results with zero impact to the joints! Obviously, the work has to be done with respect to the postures and intervals, but the quality of the virtual workouts make the sessions fun and is perceived as less of a “chore”.

The HOTWORX motto is MORE WORKOUT, LESS TIME and that is exactly what customers experience. The sessions are led by exceptional virtual fitness instructors who deliver the goods to customers served up by technology on a reliable and consistent basis.

Customers get the results they are looking for, and many of them then go on to become franchise owners themselves. In fact, about 70-80% of all of the franchise owners of HOTWORX started out as a member of a location first. I hear it every week during our Orientation Day for new franchisees how they came into a location and after one workout they were hooked. Their passion for the HOTWORX workouts inspired them to pursue a goal of becoming a franchisee.

A workout will always require the effort to reap the results, but one that’s not perceived as a chore will always be more desirable, but, the workout has to deliver the results and save customers time to keep them coming back! And, if it’s not a chore, well that’s an added bonus!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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