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Anthony Walker Signs Franchise Agreement for HOTWORX Location in South Florida

Anthony Walker has made a name for himself in the NFL as a linebacker known for his range, physicality and leadership on the field. Recently Anthony decided to put that competitiveness to work off the field as well in the fitness business. Just a few weeks ago he signed a HOTWORX franchise agreement for the purchase of a development license in the Aventura area of the South Florida market. He originally became introduced to the benefits of infrared training by his dad at another location in Florida.

I had the opportunity to meet with Anthony on a video call and it was an honor to hear some of his NFL stories and also his journey thus far with HOTWORX. When we spoke he was super pumped about his investment into the fitness industry with the unique HOTWORX franchise.

His dad discovered the workouts first and joined HOTWORX following an open heart surgery. He found the infrared training to be excellent for his recovery and for his breathing. This happens because the infrared heat actually opens up the arteries to allow for better circulation and oxygen transport into the blood stream. This is known as the nitric oxide effect. Nitric oxide, a signaling molecule, is produced with exposure to infrared heat. Nitric oxide triggers vasodilation which improves the transport of oxygen throughout the body.

Anthony is pictured below at an young age with his dad:

During our video call Anthony shared with me his high level conditioning experience following the COVID lockdown at the Pembroke Pines location in South Florida. He told me about his amazing results from the short 15 minute workouts, and explained how the workout was awesome and tough!

HOTWORX workouts are designed for all levels so that a professional athlete can get a very high intensity session and so that a beginner can go at their own best pace to get what they need as well.

Anthony also spoke to me about how HOTWORX infrared training has helped him with preparations for the hot temperatures of NFL training camp to help his conditioning, in his words, “go to next level”. He also explained that he uses HOTWORX during football training off days as a means of active recovery.

For those of you who might wonder what type of fitness tracking device he uses…it’s an Apple Watch. In terms of fitness data tracking, Anthony expressed to me how effective the HOTWORX Burn Off App has been for workout consistency and maintaining a routine.

HOTWORX is honored to welcome Anthony Walker into its franchise team of infrared fitness studio owners!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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