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Break Your Limiting Mental Patterns!

I have written article after article on the topic of workout consistency and its importance for training measurability and ultimately for best fitness results. For fitness beginners and for many who are past the beginner level, they have not yet arrived to the place where they understand this. They need to break the limiting mental pattern of thinking that they should do something different during every workout with respect to postures or exercises within any given workout type.  This thought pattern is shortsighted and stems from lack of training experience mostly.

You gotta put in the reps to get to a professional, results oriented pattern of thinking and action. This takes work. There are tools, like the HOTWORX 3D Training Method, that can help you get more from your workouts to help you break out from a limiting mindset sooner, but it still requires that you do the reps consistently. Over time, through repetition, you will come to an undeniable mental connection with the extension and flexion of the rest of your body.

Pay attention to trainers who actually put in the reps themselves, and who have done the work consistently over time. To me there is nothing worse than a so-called fitness trainer who lacks the discipline to consistently do the work themselves. Wisdom comes to those who actually do the work. Arm chair fitness training is just as foolish as arm chair quarterbacking.

Break the pattern that limits your thinking and your action. It takes mental toughness to motivate your body to do the work! Have you achieved the perfect plank or the perfect eagle pose? Get the fundamentals right before you even think about layering something different onto your program. When you are ready for more challenge, then there are two ways you can up your game without sacrificing workout consistency:

1-Focus on perfecting every exercise and every posture and this mindset alone will satisfy your urge for something new.  Something new should be the gains that you measure in form and strength each time you practice the rep! If you focus on your form and your intensity for every rep and every posture, then you will never experience boredom and you will begin to develop a pattern of professionalism through connection of your mind with your body.

2-Practice cross-training by layering workout types. Make sure the workout types are consistent with respect to the flow of postures and/or exercise sets for measurability of gains.

It is easy to allow yourself to fall into limiting physiological patterns. According to the legendary life coach and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, these habitual, negative and disruptive patterns must be interrupted. Interrupt a limiting pattern with a sound training method! Choose your training program wisely.

Establish a pattern of unlimited results! Find the discipline to focus on measurable results. Do the reps, perfect your form, measure your results! Commit to workout type consistency. Your long term fitness results depend on it!

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer