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Bring the Energy

We just left an amazing franchise convention in San Antonio, TX this past week. It was great to finally get the company together in person again after two years. The theme of the convention was “Power” and I made the point in my opening “State of the Company” address that power requires motivation + energy. For that reason, everything we do with the HOTWORX concept is done with motivation + energy in mind. From the convenience of the 24/7 availability of hot yoga and many other workout types to the array of encouragement posters on the walls of the studio (even the image on the vending machine encourages action), motivation and energy are front and center for the customer. Repetition of message is necessary to create actions towards good workout habits. Your habitat can determine your habits! Place yourself in a great environment and you can expect a great outcome.

Just before the convention, our Director of Marketing for Franchise Performance, Laura Valenti, handed me a book to read called The Culture Code. The book has an enlightening passage that reminded me of how important emotions are to the retention of information. The author states that, “emotions create a series of mental connections (I call them mental highways) that are reinforced by repetition”. (1) A fitness studio should evoke positive emotions in a way that encourages the pursuit of personal energy for personal power! In fact, the entire studio should be a culture factory of encouragement and empowerment for energy and action. Words and imagery matter. They should be presented in an unforgettable manner and in a way that moves people to take positive action.

Motivation and energy are useless without action!

Did you know that training in an infrared sauna actually provides for absorption of energy from light while you workout? Infrared is a form of energy from light and it penetrates the skin up to an inch and a half while it vibrates cells of the body into metabolic action.

When you combine the power of positive mindset energy with the power of energy from infrared light workout magic can happen. This magic is not an illusion though. This workout magic is in the form of compounding results. Why stay in the old world of two dimensions (heat + exercise) when you could experience the energy and the exponential results of three dimensional training (heat + infrared energy + exercise)? 

You can quite literally “bring the energy” into your workouts with exposure to infrared light.

Next time you head to the gym think about how important energy is for training. You need the mental energy produced from the environment and the physical energy produced from infrared light.

For your next workout, add some more energy to the equation!

(1) Rapaille, Clotaire. The Culture Code. Crown Business, 2006.
Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer