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Consistency, Prana, and HOTWORX

HOTWORX was inspired and then willed into existence out of the practice of hot yoga. The franchise developed as a way to go beyond just hot yoga with the use of infrared and multiple workout types, but it did indeed spring out from the practice of hot yoga and carried with it some of the proven yoga philosophies and practices that date back to ancient times.

As a fitness professional, my first yoga experience was in Miami where I found a small Bikram hot yoga studio on the second floor of a very dated little building in South Beach. That small studio is where I was first introduced to a workout that was based on a consistent flow of isometric postures and prana. It was a step outside of my weight training and treadmill comfort zone. From that point, my fitness career would never be the same. The best lessons in life come from the steps that are taken away from the comfort zone!

As time passed, and as I gained more experience with hot yoga, I began to develop a deeper understanding of the connection of the mind to the body and of the importance of energy flow, or prana.

Prana is a Sanskrit word in Hindu and in yogic philosophy used to describe all of the energy in the universe from inanimate objects to the organic matter of all living beings. For living beings, the path to fitness goes through the flow of energy. During all workouts, a focus on the connection of the mind to the body and the flow of energy should always be a priority. Fitness studio members should strive to gain more knowledge of prana as a way to increase their energy levels.

In Hinduism, prana, and breath are understood as forces that give life. “Although prana is related to the breath, it is not the breath. Prana is an energy that pulses through the body along a network of subtle body channels. Similar to the central nervous system, the channels of the subtle body, or nadis, connect form and mind and act as a conduit for energy, prana.” (1)

Prana is universal energy that flows in and around the human body. Prana can be viewed as the currency of life!

I’ve learned through experience that the best way to foster greater levels of energy flow is through consistent isometric hold postures. Workout flow consistency is the key. If you are constantly trying to hack your way through strange and different exercise moves, then the focus goes more to balance and form instead of breathing and flow of energy. With consistent flow of postures, balance and form skills can improve significantly making it easier to ensure proper breathing and mind/body connection. And that is yet another important reason to practice a consistent flow of postures.

The bottom line is this. If you want more energy, do a yoga based workout with a consistent flow of exercise postures so there can be sufficient focus on mind/body and breath.


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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