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Democratize Exercise

Let’s face it.  Yoga has been an elitist exercise program for far too long.  From the high cost of the sessions to the over the top practices and strange ritualisms, yoga has been perceived and is still perceived by most average folk as a form of fitness that is just too far out for them.

No more of that!

It is time to democratize exercise!  Yoga should be more affordable and accessible for everyone.  And, let’s not just stop with the elitism of yoga, let’s look at the high costs and inaccessibility of group training as well.  Group training centers regularly charge their clients $150+ in fees per month and class format studios regularly charge $99+.

We need to democratize exercise.

How can these programs such as yoga, pilates and group training with professional instructors become more available and more affordable to the entire population? What about athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well, who want to supplement their base exercise program with an additional form of exercise?  They should have availability to do so with a quick, convenient and affordable format too.

Fortunately for all, one fitness company has answered those questions and fulfilled the need to democratize elite forms of exercise by providing a 24 hour infrared studio concept with 14 different workout types to choose from with sessions instructed by professional virtual trainers.

The name of that company is HOTWORX.

Not only has HOTWORX created a convenient and affordable option for these elite fitness programs, the company has also figured out a way to provide the same results in way less time through an innovative application of infrared energy and heat to supercharge the workout environment.  HOTWORX calls this new fitness method 3D Training because of the workout fusion of exercise + infrared energy + heat.

Shorter and more effective workouts, 24/7 availability, over 10 different versions of yoga, pilates and isometrics, two HIIT workouts and functional band and suspension routines with professional virtual instruction leads the way to bring the elite exercise programs to everyone finally opening up access, whereby democratizing what was once only privileged forms of exercise.

Power to all of the fitness people!!!

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stephen smith headshot
Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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