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Detox Strategy for 2022: Infrared Training + Diet Tracking

It’s a new year, it’s 2022. Maybe this year should be the year to make detox a priority. Your body is invaded daily by harmful substances known as either toxins from natural, organic sources or toxicants like air pollution which are human made. There are two ways to rid your body of harmful toxins and toxicants, (1) working out, and (2) consuming a sensible diet. The best way to attack these poisons in your system is a consistent practice of infrared training and a proper diet.

If you allow toxic waste to build up within your body, over time it can lead to insulin resistance and many other negative reactions.

Did you know that retention of fat from over-consumption of calories can cause a toxic waste buildup in your body? When you take in more calories than you burn, you will build up excess toxic substances that remain in your system slowing your metabolism and causing disease over time.

I like these quotes from Dr. Mark Hyman in one of his blog articles:

“In the quest to conquer the two biggest epidemics of our time—diabetes and obesity—we’ve got to turn our attention to the heavy burden environmental toxins put on our bodies…If your body’s detoxification tools aren’t up to snuff, waste will build up. Overtime, the damage is similar to what happens when trash collectors go on strike and don’t pick up the garbage off the streets. The waste piles high, making the neighborhood smell bad and creating a breeding ground for illness.” (1)

A personal detox strategy is a must for 2022! Make it a one, two punch of infrared training + proper diet.

The simple first step is to lead with an infrared fitness program now. HOTWORX pioneered the 24 hour infrared fitness studio making access to multiple hot exercise workout types available to people everywhere. Infrared energy from the workout sauna actually penetrates into the body and works to help burn fat and release toxic substances from your cells. The more calories you burn and sweat you generate during a workout inside of an infrared sauna, the more detoxification you will experience.

Never forget how vital it is to track what you burn off and what you consume! You get what you measure, and when you measure what you do, the truth from the data will make you change bad habits into good habits. Transform your bad habits into good ones this year!

The HOTWORX Burn Off App allows users to track the calories that they burn during infrared workouts, and it now provides an innovative way to track calories consumed while integrated into a rolling 90 day workout and diet challenge.

Change your workout program now for a better detox in 2022! Add infrared to your training to get your workout regime on track first, and then focus on your diet for even more detox. Track everything this year.

To sum it up, the best fitness detox strategy to deploy is one of infrared training combined with a sensible diet. Working out inside of an infrared sauna increases detox in two obvious ways: (1) sweating, and (2) fat burning. The skin is the your largest organ for elimination of toxic substances. Sweat induced from infrared energy absorption is 7 times more effective than sweat induced from traditional saunas. A sensible diet focused on quality, organic foods and one that limits the number of calories to less than what is being consumed (a 10% caloric intake deficit to what is being burned is preferred), will keep the metabolism lean, clean and operating efficiently. Make your commitment to this detox strategy and take immediate action on it!

Detox is a normal function that we can either help or hinder depending upon our positive (or negative) fitness habits! For 2022, choose infrared training for detox and track your diet to enhance the cleansing process within your body.

No need to wait, do it now!! 👊🔥

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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