Did You Know This About Infrared?

Infrared is electromagnetic energy and a form of radiation found in the invisible area of the light spectrum. We know that infrared energy penetrates the human body up to 1.5 inches experienced as a subtle warmth of radiant heat to the body. The wavelength of infrared is longer than visible light and more easily absorbed by human skin.

Far Infrared radiation, such as the IR generated inside of a HOTWORX infrared workout sauna, stimulates the body’s immune system by boosting metabolic functions and generating the production of white blood cells which enhances the body’s ability to fight off infections.

It is possible that viruses cannot survive long in an infrared radiation environment such as a sauna. According to the Health Estate Journal, in an article about the technology company IOBAC, “Viruses may simply overheat in infrared radiation and die. Indeed, previous research on the SARS virus showed that ‘heating and UV irradiation can efficiently eliminate the viral infectivity’.

We know that there are many benefits from IR exposure including reduction of inflammation, pain relief and improved sleep. The list is long, but the latest information regarding use of IR for fighting viruses is one very timely application for a benefit to health.

In the Health Estate article cited above, Paul Woolvine, the CEO of IOBAC stated: “We are not suggesting FIR is the silver bullet for fighting COVID-19, but…its ability to act as a complementary therapy in the fight against airborne microorganisms must warrant serious consideration. We’re thus calling for any potential partners able to put this technology through the necessary tests and clinical trials, with the aim of (hopefully) putting it to good use in the fightback against RNA viruses, including COVID-19.”

The journal article goes on to talk about how FIR (far infrared) can reduce joint pain and improve circulation from the penetration of IR into the skin and tissues.

Science is just now beginning to understand the full range of health benefits to humans from the exposure to IR. We know that IR is naturally generated from the sun and we also know that a sunny day at the beach is one of the most effective natural therapies that there is. It is no surprise that entrepreneurs and health professionals alike would want to find ways to recreate and repackage infrared radiation in a convenient offering for those who want to use it for its benefits on a daily basis.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer