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Dr. Ahmed Soliman - Cardiologist and HOTWORX Franchise Owner

I had the pleasure of speaking with cardiologist Dr. Ahmed Soliman this week, who also happens to be a new franchisee of HOTWORX in the Houston, TX market. We spoke online and then actually met in person at the grand opening of the Manvel, TX location this Saturday. Our conversations were fascinating and very enlightening to me. I had a couple of questions for him. First, I wanted to know how he came to become a franchise owner, and second, I wanted to know from his perspective about the benefits of infrared training.  

He trained, graduated and now is the associate medical director at Houston Methodist Hospital, a top 10 cardiology hospital in the country and the top cardiology hospital in Texas. He believes, as I do, that time is the most important thing that we have. He worked on virtual and remote monitoring programs that would make patients' care more time efficient. He feels that he can increase convenience and save a patient from having to lose time from work or family to come see the physician in many cases, for example. This aligns well with the MORE WORKOUT, LESS TIME philosophy of HOTWORX.

Dr. Soliman came to know HOTWORX through one of his patients. He always worked with the patients on efficient workouts. The patient told him that after following his advice to find a fast and effective fitness program, he then began a new fitness routine at HOTWORX. The patient told him, “I did what you talked about. I started a HIIT program, and then, my wife and I wound up buying the HOTWORX franchise.”

This story from his patient is what piqued Dr. Soliman’s interest to look into the franchise as well. Upon researching the brand, he joined his patient as a franchise owner too. Ahmed told me that “after analysis, it looked simple.” One of the foremost priorities of the HOTWORX franchise has always been to keep the operations as simplified as possible.

He saw that HOTWORX gives the best of both worlds, the highest return on investment of time spent during an exercise session. In his words, “a member can get the most of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), while increasing the metabolism using heat as well in an environment that is efficient and to the point.”

As for the benefits of infrared training, Dr. Soliman explained that he liked the ability it provides to increase endurance. He went on to say that it is a great combination between high endurance exercise but using heat for both increasing metabolism and providing a method of easing the strain on muscles as well. This, in of itself, he believes, should be able to provide the members with an ability to keep going with less muscle strain and injury. He talked about the heat as a way to increase the metabolic rate during exercise, and the fact that increased endurance using infrared workouts can promote primary and secondary prevention.

The takeaway is this. HOTWORX provides a faster, more efficient workout that also promotes recovery and injury prevention!

Dr. Soliman believes in and emphasized the importance of proper hydration prior to the onset of thirst. He told me that if you are thirsty, you are hydrating too late which was very insightful to me. Lastly, it was cool to hear how he loved the use of infrared sauna training as an incredible weight loss tool.

Dr. Soliman now believes, after his exposure to HOTWORX, that this is an excellent tool to improve cardiovascular fitness through the different types of exercise programs and the heat, with an added bonus that it is fun and easy for all ages!

We look forward to the opening of his new studio in Houston.

There are 21 doctors now, and counting, who are franchise owners of HOTWORX…


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