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Electrolyte Hydration!

The more you hydrate during a workout in the sauna, the more you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you detox. Make sure you hydrate properly. By that I mean keep your sports drink shaker next to you and drink plenty and whenever you need to.While utilizing an infrared sauna, you should make sure that you keep water on hand during the session. Drink at least 12 oz. during a 30 minute session, and replace electrolytes after your session with a good sports drink. If you prefer, you can drink electrolytes before, during and after the sauna session as a part of your hydration method.“If your nutrition is complete and you hydrate yourself properly in the sauna, you’re not likely to create a mineral or electrolyte deficiency through recreational sauna use a few times a week.” composition varies per person. An average liter of sweat contains 20mg of Calcium, 50mg Magnesium, 1150mg Sodium, 230mg Potassium and 1480mg Chloride. Electrolyte replacement drinks should have these plus a small amount of carbohydrates to aid in the electrolyte replacement process. Try a good sports drink. Gatorade and Powerade work well or you can try a specialty powder formulation to mix in your sports drink shaker. PB Clean Energy is an excellent powder formulation for energy and for electrolytes. Click here for more info: revolutionary new HOTWORX infrared/isometric workout program provides an excellent workout at 125 degrees for a 30 minute session. With any type of workout it is important to hydrate properly while training. Make sure to keep plenty of water and/or a sports drink by your workout mat and hydrate professionally to enhance the effectiveness of your workout session!Fitness club and spa owners should provide good hydration options for their clients. As an owner or manager, make sure that you have quality bottled water and a good option for an electrolyte replacement beverage for sale.

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