Electromagnetic Field (EMF) as a Measure for Infrared

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  EMR, as a current, is surrounded by an electromagnetic field (EMF).  For example, lightning is a current between the sky and the ground, or wherever it travels, and an EMF encircles it as it travels. Infrared waves of light energy is surrounded by EMF as well.  Therefore, EMF levels can indicate the presence of infrared radiation (IR).

HOTWORX uses an EMF meter to measure IR presence.  Below you will see the level of EMF as measured inside of the workout sauna at 127º Fahrenheit.

Distances of approximately one, two and three feet from the IR source was measured as viewed above in the HOTWORX IR sauna. As can be seen, levels of EMF, and therefore IR, can be detected from those distances.  Obviously, there is more intensity as you move closer to the heaters.  This is why HOTWORX recommends a workout distance of 1 to 3 feet from the IR source to the human body, so as to maximize the absorption of IR into the skin.

IR is electromagnetic radiation, or EMR.

Let’s understand EMR.  There are two general types, ionizing and non-ionizing.  Ionizing is a more powerful form of radiation and can cause damage to the human body.  Ionizing radiation disrupts electrons from their atom orbit and can alter the DNA of cells.  By way of example, certain wavelengths of ultra-violet light are ionizing and can cause skin cancer with prolonged skin exposure.

The second type of EMR is non-ionizing.  Non-ionizing radiation presents no harm to the human body.  It still has the level of energy necessary, though, to move atoms around and cause molecules to vibrate.  This process creates heat, but does not displace the orbit of electrons.

Electromagnetic fields are a low frequency and non-ionizing form of radiation. EMF’s are created by natural and man-made objects.  The sun and even the human body along with electrical devices create IR and, therefore, electromagnetic fields.

As an electrical device, the design of an infrared workout sauna matters, and this is why so much attention was paid to the floor space, and proximity of the client to the IR source for the patented HOTWORX sauna.  Obviously, with the use of an EMF meter, the presence of infrared energy can be detected to let clients know how they are exposed to the beneficial effects of IR absorption while they workout.

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer