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Find Your Fitness Momentum in 2023

Just the thought of the word momentum conjures up memories for me of the effort it takes to get something going. The first step of any journey, especially one for fitness, is always the hardest, and it takes momentum to keep it going and growing. The great thing about momentum is, when it is gained, it can move and grow things forward at an ever accelerating pace if managed properly. Momentum changes everything in its forward path. This is true for a business, or for an individual’s workout program.

Dictionaries define momentum as the amount of motion of a moving body, or the quantity of motion of an object measured by its mass and velocity. (1) In other words, momentum is the force and speed of a thing in motion. The key to gaining fitness momentum is to work hard at building your body with your mind and to gain velocity towards your goal at the same time, not just one or the other! By velocity, I’m referring to your pace towards your fitness goals and then momentum for the maintenance of that level once you have reached it. Momentum is an increase in your personal rate of development.

The way to find your fitness momentum in 2023 is to choose a program that you can continue without going the way of the masses which is to fail at the resolution every year. Most who launch a fitness program the first week of January last for about a month. According to one survey of 4,000 people, it was found that 43% expect to quit their fitness goal after one month. (2) Of course that happens to them because they don’t actually believe that they can do it.

You have to believe in your fitness goal and your workout method to see it through, and you need a program that is fast, convenient, simplified, and effective. I hear from customers all the time that HOTWORX is the first fitness program that they actually have continued. Fast results will never go out of style folks, and that is exactly what the effect of infrared training is. Fast results create more belief, and more belief creates more motivation to keep going. And, when you keep going with more belief you create MOMENTUM!

Maybe 2023 is the year for you to build your fitness momentum and keep it going with a 3D Training program at HOTWORX.

Most of you know that HOTWORX is a fitness franchise, and this year’s theme for the annual franchise convention is MOMENTUM. The convention will be held in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, the city where the franchise first gained substantial growth momentum.

So, here’s to building massive fitness momentum for your business and for your personal fitness program in 2023. Make it your best year ever in fitness!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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