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Find Your Summer Workout Shred with Infrared

We talk a lot about wellness in this weekly HOTWORX Blog, and rightly so. Infrared training is a super healthy form of exercise. Health is everything and feeling great is supremely important… but so is looking good.

When we look good, we feel even better, and we have more confidence. Outward appearance is a reflection of how we feel inside. So, in light of the fact that it is now officially spring as of the Sunday before this post, I think it’s appropriate to write about the aesthetics aspect of fitness.

It’s beach time!

I just returned home this week from a trip to an amazing Tony Robbins seminar in Fiji and on my way back I found myself with an extended layover at the Los Angeles airport. I decided I might as well head over to the Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym in Venice, to get a chest workout in. I have always said that if you can’t get motivated at that gym, then you just can’t be motivated. Celebrities and champions of all types of sports train there. The energy level is always high.

Gold’s in Venice last week…

When I was there I saw the giant photos of all the bodybuilding greats and it reminded me of my own competitive past. I have always been involved in athletics, and after playing college football, I turned to fitness and then to bodybuilding to fill my athletic void. During my bodybuilding career, my most memorable competition was when I once trained for an entire year to compete for the NPC Collegiate Nationals that was to be held on my 21st birthday. That was back in the great rock ’n roll decade of the 80’s when I was a senior at Ole Miss.

I saw that competition in a magazine for the year before and in my mind I resolved that I could compete with those guys on that stage if I trained hard enough for it. In that moment of visualization I was in, fully committed to the competition and dedicated to do my best to win. It was time to focus hard on that new goal. Tunnel vision and laser focus can combine as a powerful force in fitness, and that is what I had for an entire year in preparation for that event.

Laser focus on the right fitness routine can produce an amazing set of before and after photos! Try it for 90 days and see what happens in the mirror as you beach prep for this summer.

Back to my competition story…

Bodybuilding is an extreme version of training for aesthetics. It’s not for everyone, but the information that can be learned from bodybuilding competitions can be invaluable to a person in pursuit of a fitness career. The sport teaches how to transform the body into a symmetrically balanced form.

(Photo above) Back in the day, Circa 1980’s

The year of hard work and laser focus paid off. I won that competition, and went on to a career as a fitness professional, and I still LOVE my career to this day! You know what they say, right? If you have a passion for what you do, you will never see it as work. Your job will be a labor of love. It’s so true. You will still have stressful times, but your love for what you do will give you wings and grant you the will to power through all of the problems. The same is true for your personal fitness program. Find the right program, and make it a passionate lifestyle! After all, it’s a choice. Choose to love it.

I tell that story to illustrate the results that are possible when you live a passionate fitness lifestyle. After all, fitness is about results! I tell everyone that the purpose of HOTWORX is to provide the highest level of motivational experience and fitness results for its members.

The swimsuit season is here!

It’s time to double down on your workouts, and put some of the focus on aesthetics. You don’t have to compete in a bodybuilding contest, though. You just need to commit to the right program for your beach season goals. With the option of HOTWORX 3D Training for impressive calorie burns and super charged sweating, there has never been a better time to train for beach readiness.

I think back to my cardio sessions as I was training for that competition and I wish I would have had HOTWORX then. “Ripped to shreds” could have gone to an entirely different level. Back then I rode a stationary bike every training day (which was 6 days a week) with full sweats and a towel around my neck to force a good sweat. Nowadays I could get the same cardio and even more sweating done in half the time with HOTWORX infrared training sessions!

If you’re not passionate about your fitness program, then it’s time to change. If it’s a grind, then you’re falling behind! Find a program that has a higher usage rate than the average program and you can bank that people are enjoying their workouts and getting better results. The health club industry standard is: 18% of all members use the club on a regular basis, but for HOTWORX the usage rate is north of 30%.

The key to the summer shred is working out with passion. Sweating and shredding should be fun. Given the right environment, conditioning can be exciting. It happens when you find the right studio to join.

You just might find your fitness passion when you shred with an infrared sauna workout this swimsuit season!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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