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First Ever Integrated Dual Tracking 90 Day Challenge Fitness App

By now you probably know that HOTWORX pioneered the combination of heat, IR energy and exercise to create the 3D Training Method. The company holds multiple fitness patents, and it is clear that innovation is fundamental to the franchise.

Since the opening of the first HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio in February of 2017, the franchise has introduced many new innovations to the industry including 3D Training with isometrics and HIIT, infrared sauna workouts around the clock including the first ever access to hot yoga 24/7. Countless smaller innovations have also been layered in without fanfare making a huge difference in the studio experience for the customer.

Last week I announced the company’s intention to launch an innovative new update, Diet Trax, (which is now available) to its workout Burn Off App. What I did not expand upon, though, was the fact that Diet Trax is fully integrated into the existing 90 day workout challenge making it the very first offering of its kind for any health club.

The HOTWORX Burn Off App now combines two rolling 90 day challenges (every 90 days a new challenge begins), for (1) 3D Training progress, and now integrated with a (2) diet tracking tool. With the new app update, HOTWORX Sweat Everywhere members can be engaged in a 90 day workout challenge that is 100% in sync with a diet challenge simultaneously. The workout data is automatically populated to the 90 day diet challenge making calorie tracking more convenient than ever before. It’s the ultimate fitness tracking two-for-one challenge app!

The premium level, Sweat Everywhere membership allows customers to challenge themselves in a rolling, in-sync, dual track 90 day workout and diet competition. Until now the highest level of performance was level 6. The ultimate level 7 has now been created to encourage the integration of proper dieting with the HOTWORX infrared workouts.

Training comes first, but proper food intake is equally important and is what will polish off a good infrared workout routine. Both workouts and diet require tools to make them more effective. This is where the infrared sauna and Burn Off App as a tool for fast and efficient workouts becomes vital, and now, for diet there is the Diet Trax nutrition and calorie tracking update as a tool married to the training program to complete the Burn Off App.

No matter the type of diet you practice, from paleo to keto and everything in between, Diet Trax provides the perfect solution for daily tracking to your calorie deficit goal and balancing of macros to keep your levels of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in line with what is best for your body.

You get what you measure in life! 👊🔥

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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