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Glowing Skin from Infrared Workouts

In my travels to different HOTWORX locations for book signings I have the pleasure to meet customers from all walks of life, and there is one comment that I continually hear at all locations. Customers rave about the improvement in their skin tone as a result of the exposure to infrared while they train. I hear about how much better their skin looks and feels, and how they are able to achieve a beautiful skin glow.

Everyone wants to glow. Think about the times you’ve heard a comment something like this, “At her wedding she was glowing with happiness!” A beautiful skin glow is a reflection of happiness inside. How you look and how you feel are interrelated.

Sunlight is always associated with happiness, and contrary to mainstream belief, some of the wavelengths of sunlight are actually good for your skin. Infrared, with wavelengths of 780 nm to 1 mm, when absorbed by the skin brings benefits along with it.

As explained by one dermatology website, “The right intensity of infrared light, which is determined by its wavelength and duration, may actually have a healing effect by increasing the cell renewal process and stimulating anti-inflammatory cytokines [cytokines are signaling proteins that help to control inflammation]. Optimal wavelengths of infrared light may also have an anti-aging effect on the skin by stimulating collagen.” (1)

HOTWORX, the first 24 hour infrared fitness studio franchise, provides infrared (IR) workouts by utilizing a mix of 95% far-infrared and 5% mid-range infrared. This makes for the right IR level of intensity. Far-infrared consists of a longer wavelength of non-ionizing radiation with lower intensity than near-infrared and its shorter wavelength. Near infrared is closer to the visible area of the light spectrum.

Increased circulation from IR sauna exposure can enhance the level of nutrients that are provided to skin cells. With increased blood flow the result is the appearance of a healthy glow to the skin. With increased blood flow to the skin cells there is an increase of oxygenation. More oxygen to skin cells can provide increased moisturization and a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Increasing oxygen also improves the synthesis and stabilization of collagen which is the most abundant protein present in animals. (2) Collagen is known to be on of the most important proteins for skin, hair and nails. Studies have shown that increased collagen synthesis reduces wrinkles and improves skin hydration and elasticity. (3)

Maybe it’s time to get your glow on with an infrared training program!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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