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Great Sleep Improves Detox

Did you know that a good night’s sleep can improve your detox program? This is especially important for your mental health because good sleep = great detox for your brain. We all have experienced a bad mood from sleep deprivation. If poor sleep and bad moods become a pattern for you then it needs to be corrected quickly. In fact, if left unchecked, chronic insomnia can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Throughout the day toxins build up in the brain. Then, while we sleep toxins are removed from the body through cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF. If these toxic substances are allowed to build up, over time they can cause disease. In order for proper cleansing of these toxins from the brain to happen there must be quality sleep. 

Take note that your sleep position can affect quality snoozing. As reported by, mice were used in a study to determine the best way to stimulate nightly brain detox. Mice were tested sleeping on their side, back and stomach and it was discovered that their metabolic waste left the body most efficiently when they slept on their side. As the study concludes, “this shows that sleeping on our side is the best way to stimulate our brain’s nightly detoxification process. (1)

I have written many articles on this subject and have devoted a chapter in my book to the fact that infrared energy and heat exposure, especially when combined with exercise, is excellent for sleep. 

Infrared heat and exercise is a one, two punch knockout to insomnia! 👊🔥 

Here is an excerpt from my book, HOT EXERCISE, out of the chapter on sleep:

In a sleep study involving heat, an infrared sauna was used to determine how effective it was for patients who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). As of the date of the study, there was no definitive therapy for CFS. Ten inpatients were observed. Perceived fatigue was significantly decreased following infrared sauna therapy. Negative mood, anxiety, depression, and fatigue were significantly improved. No patients reported any negative effects from the infrared therapy. The study concluded that thermal infrared sauna therapy may be a useful and safe treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. (2)

Add more muscle tissue as a result of exercise in the sauna coupled with infrared fat burning, and you will certainly improve your metabolism. Armed with a better metabolism, you will burn more calories and improve your detox during sleep!

Practice more 3D Training with heat and infrared energy combined with isometrics or HIIT and you will get longer, deeper sleep resulting in more improved detoxification.

P.S. - Be sure to check out my blog article for next week. It will feature a very insightful interview I conducted with Dr. Craig Perlman and Dr. Daryl Perlman, brothers who recently purchased a HOTWORX franchise for Long Island, NY!!!

(2) Smith, Stephen P.  HOT EXERCISE: HOTWORX and the Bold New Infrared Fitness Frontier. HOTWORX 2020.
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