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Hattiesburg, MS is the 500th HOTWORX Location!

By all standards, reaching 500 open brick and mortar franchise locations is an incredible accomplishment for any brand. Indeed, only 4% of franchises make it to that level. HOTWORX reached that mark this past Friday June 23. The 500th location was opened for business on that day in Hattiesburg, MS. It is interesting to note that the first location opened in Mississippi as well in Oxford in 2017. Big congratulations are in order to the owners of that great new location in Hattiesburg, Ivan & Carley Ostrander, Bryan Whytlaw & Aaron Teneyck! They have assembled a fantastic team there in Hattiesburg.

We held a company celebratory toast with a Zoom meeting just after they opened for business. Cheers again to everyone who participated on that call and to the entire company for a job well done! And, now it’s back to working hard for the next milestone!!

The reason for the explosive growth is a combination of factors including the recruitment of great franchisees who buy into a great product that solves problems for awesome customers. In the case of HOTWORX, the brand delivers on its mission to provide MORE WORKOUT, in LESS TIME. Getting to the results for customers faster and more efficiently will never go out of style in fitness.

It seems appropriate that the company crossed this milestone in the same week of International Yoga Day and the summer solstice. Of course, HOTWORX originated from yoga and harnesses the power of infrared light, like that from the sun, to heat the sauna and for absorption into the skin during workouts. Inspired by the power of yoga and sunlight to improve lives, the brand will continue to grow with an accelerated pace of studio openings.

Appropriately, MOMENTUM is the theme for the annual HOTWORX franchise convention to be held this July in DFW. Momentum begins with inspired planning followed by massive action towards an objective.

I cannot express the amount of gratitude we hold as a company, first to over a quarter of a million active HOTWORX members across the planet and then to our dedicated franchise owners who leave it all on the mat every day to create exceptional workout experiences for the customers. And, let’s not forget the incredibly talented team of corporate employees who bring it every day to support all of the franchise locations.

I like to view this relationship as a pyramid with the franchisor and the franchisees at the base of the structure forming a partnership foundation to support the amazing customers, or the fans at the top of the pyramid. Everything is done to create a world class workout experience for the studio customers. It is with this focus that HOTWORX looks forward to the next 500 on its way to 1000 locations open in the near future!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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