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Heart Healthy Valentine

Valentines who train together stay together! Train with your valentine and keep your hearts healthy together while you motivate each other. Doing cardio with your better half is an excellent way to stay “heart healthy” physically and emotionally.

It is well documented that working out with someone is more effective than going it alone. Make the effort to invite someone to train with you. Even better, convince your sweetheart to be your training partner. Think about it. You always strive to impress your spouse or whoever you might be dating. This carries over into the gym as well. Probably the highest motivation for your workout is when you’re repping it out with your better half.

As reported by, the results of one study revealed:

“Exercising together with a romantic partner was associated with greater positive mood during exercise—beyond the happiness boost that results from the exercise itself—and it correlated with higher positive mood (but not reduced negative mood) during the day. Lastly, it was related to greater relationship satisfaction.” (1)

Consider training with your partner inside of an infrared sauna. HOTWORX offers fast and effective 30 minute isometrics and 15 minute HIIT workouts inside of a patented workout sauna. This 3D training method combing the exercise with heat and infrared energy is a semi-private session perfect for couples to tone up, torch calories, and get their hearts in shape together.

Training in an infrared sauna is an incredibly effective heart workout. The variety of different workouts available at HOTWORX will keep you and your partner engaged to the point that you won’t even notice the cardio work that you are putting in. It’s the best heart workout you never know you are getting! It’s modern, fast, and way more fun than grudging away on a treadmill in a traditional air-conditioned gym.

The heat will get your heart rate to the desired 70-90% of your heart rate max quickly and from there you and your partner go at your own best pace to maintain that level, and before you know it your training session is done. More heart work in less time!

Be heart healthy with your valentine this year!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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