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Hot Isometrics For Athletes


Isometric postures performed with a proper sequence in an infrared heated environment makes for a great supplemental workout for athletes. And hands down, the best workout recovery comes from techniques used inside of an infrared sauna. Workout recovery is EVERYTHING to an elite athlete looking for a training edge over the competition!Elite athletes are discovering the benefits of the Hot Box Detox.No matter what you think of the NFL All Pro receiver Josh Gordon and his problems off the field, you have to respect his training efforts to redeem himself and to be reinstated into the league. He is working very hard to get back into the NFL and training recovery is a huge part of his regime. Recently he began using the Hot Box Detox Hot ISO routine at the Planet Beach located inside of LA Fitness in West Los Angeles. Check out the story: course, we hope that Josh Gordon gets it right this time and maintains his discipline off the field, but we are happy to get noticed by, a site with over 2 million visitors per day! reports that “Sources close to the Gordon say Josh has been keeping himself in insane shape during his suspension — and has been laser focused at getting his career back. As one source put it, ‘He’s all in.’Read more: news source reported on Gordon’s comments and use of the HBX sauna as well. “I want to do the red light therapy booth and Hot Box Detox sauna with yoga,” Gordon was overheard saying. “I’ve done just about every type of workout and recovery. But I’ve never seen anything as unique as what Planet Beach West LA has.” exercise is a must try. It is an amazing way to break your fitness plateau. If it can help elite athletes get to another level, then it can help any of us get to another level!I use the HBX Hot Iso session as a supplement to my weight training routine. With my HBX results I can certainly see why professional athletes are starting to use it to supplement their training routines.We wish great future success for Josh Gordon as he uses the Hot Box Detox to accelerate his training for another great run with the NFL.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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