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HOT STRETCH: A New Year, a New Way to Stretch

We all know that stretching is good for us. But, who said that stretching was only for warming up and cooling down? It certainly is, but it can also be a workout in and of itself. If you have some working out experience, then imagine for a moment a 30 minute workout made up of entirely stretching postures. And then imagine placing that workout into an infrared sauna with 125 degrees of heat. HOTWORX has already developed and released that new stretching “workout” you have just envisioned. This new workout is called HOT STRETCH.

Stretching elevates mood.

HOT STRETCH provides customers with incredible benefits from a stretching routine that has been reimagined. I can tell you from experience that you feel unbelievably good after HOT STRETCH. I would go as far to say that I feel better after HOT STRETCH than any other workout I have ever done. Clearly you will feel completely relaxed and more flexible, but why do you feel so good emotionally after Hot Stretch? The post workout flexibility is absolutely second to none, but what’s even more notable is the extraordinary release of endorphins and the psychological reset the workout provides. Of course, it is well documented that stretching is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Stretching reduces the potential for injury.

Stretching is a very natural movement. Involuntary “automatic” stretching by humans and animals is called pandiculation. We have all seen the family pet stretch out into a downward dog posture as a natural response to relieve tension and to relax the mood. And, we have all reached our arms up almost involuntarily to stretch the body while confined to an airplane seat, for example. We all have the need and the urge to stretch. Did you know that more flexibility means less injury? Without stretching muscles shorten and become tight and more susceptible to injuries. You can keep muscles long, lean and flexible through stretching. Numerous studies have concluded that stretching reduces injuries through increased flexibility. One such study notes that, “stretching programmes can significantly influence the viscosity of the tendon and make it significantly more compliant.” (1) Simply put, stretching protects the body.

Stretching improves circulation.

Stretching increases blood flow without any wear and tear on the body. With a consistent weekly commitment to stretching, gains in the form of improved endothelial function (an important metabolizing and an endocrine organ as well as well as a player in the control of blood flow), relief from arterial blood vessel stiffness, and reduced blood pressure. “Collectively, the evidence provided in this review suggests that stretching acutely or long term may serve as a novel and alternative low intensity therapeutic intervention capable of improving several parameters of vascular function.” (2)

Stretching burns the calories.

HOT STRETCH gives the calorie burn too. You will burn as many calories in HOT STRETCH as you do with the same amount of time in Hot Yoga. One might think that less energy is required for stretching, but if done properly, stretching requires work in the same way that any other workout does.

As stated above, stretching has always been considered primarily a warming up part, or a cooling down part of a workout. It needed to be refined into a full “stretching” workout as a stand alone session. Enter a new fitness workout category, HOT STRETCH, the groundbreaking, must do, only one of its kind. Do your body a favor and give it a try!!!

So, to sum it up, HOT STRETCH delivers the best of cardio, strength, and flexibility wrapped up into one hot new workout! Book it now through the HOTWORX Burn Off App!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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