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HOTWORX and the Evolution of Yoga

Everything evolves.

Sometimes evolution happens in very subtle ways that go unnoticed. Sometimes evolution happens in a big way right before our very eyes.

With yoga, HOTWORX launched a deliberate and very visible program to change the way yoga is delivered to fitness customers. Starting with an athletic approach to Hot Yoga, HOTWORX then developed a suite of workouts based on isometric postures that were borrowed from yoga. These new workouts are modern adaptations, or evolution if you will, from an ancient exercise method.

One of our past virtual instructors, who is a yoga expert, once told me that yoga has no rules. I agree in that it can be used as a basis for creating new workout methods and workout types. Yoga is a “form” of exercise and form can change, and it can be molded into new disciplines. This is evolution by design.

Out of the practice of hot yoga, HOTWORX created a 30 minute yoga routine choreographed for use inside of an infrared sauna as its own version of HOT YOGA. From there, the company then developed more isometric workout types adapted to infrared sauna training as well including: Hot ISO, Hot Warrior, Hot Pilates, Hot Barre None, Hot Core, Hot Buns, Hot Bands and, coming to your studio very soon…Hot Stretch - the first ever 30 minute infrared stretch “workout”. There will be more to come soon about this innovative new workout. But, as a teaser, Hot Stretch is not just a stretching session, it’s a stretch posture workout sequence that burns as many calories as Hot Yoga. Stay tuned for it. Hot Stretch is a training session that makes you feel better than you have ever felt after a workout! This is yoga evolved by HOTWORX once again.

Innovation in fitness should be a deliberate endeavor to evolve.

Sometimes people think that great ideas just happen by chance. I beg to differ. Great business ideas happen when entrepreneurs make the effort to think a problem all the way through to a great solution. The power of thought is immense, and evolution towards better ways of doing things happens out of deliberate thinking. The promise I can make as the CEO to our customers is that HOTWORX will continue to think of better ways to deliver workouts all the time.

Speaking of time…we take MORE WORKOUT, LESS TIME very seriously!!!

Maybe it’s time to experience the evolution of yoga at HOTWORX.


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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