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HOTWORX Infrared Sauna Effectiveness

Sauna design matters when it comes to effectiveness. Infrared saunas come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Obviously some designs are more effective than others. The problem with the evaluation of infrared sauna design is that there exists some serious misinformation online coming from those who lack credentials and have no research to back up their claims. Yet, when it comes to evaluating an infrared sauna environment, it is fairly straightforward.

How to Measure for the Presence of Infrared

Some self proclaimed detox experts amuse me. They provide big words but zero research to support their claims of what constitutes an infrared environment. It’s really simple to measure. You can use an EMF meter. Where there is infrared, there is also an electromagnetic field, aka EMF. EMF travels with IR waves. The level, or density of EMF is measured in a unit known as milligauss (mG). Please take a few minutes to view my video above if you haven’t already.

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s turn to an effectiveness comparison of sauna types…

Traditional v. Infrared Sauna

If you have ever stepped into a traditional convection heat sauna, you probably noticed that the temperature was very hot, as high as 180 and possibly even heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the old school saunas heat the air that surrounds you rather than radiating into your body. The air needs to be hotter for the traditional sauna to be effective. And guess what, that is exactly how the heat feels inside of those saunas, like hot air pounding around your skin. Breathing is not very comfortable either at those super high temperatures. People want to sweat when they enter a sauna, and traditional saunas rely on higher temperatures to produce sufficient sweating. 

What I just described is in stark contrast to how it feels to walk into a properly designed infrared sauna like the HOTWORX fitness sauna. When you walk into a HOTWORX sauna you immediately feel as though you stepped out from the shade of a palm tree and into the soothing warmth of the sunlight on the beach. Of course, the sun radiates an abundance of infrared light.

More Effective Breathing

What about the air and breathing in an infrared sauna? Due to the penetrating heat and infrared energy, the infrared sauna can operate at a much lower temperature and with close to zero humidity delivering a more effective session for clients. Customers always comment that the air inside of the HOTWORX sauna is awesome and easy to breathe. Lower humidity and lower temperatures allow for a much more comfortable workout environment inside of the sauna.

More Effective Sweating

Expect to sweat more and faster inside of an efficiently designed infrared sauna. This is accomplished at a much lower temperature as noted above. In fact, studies have shown that not only do you sweat more, your sweat contains much higher levels of toxic substances than that of traditionally heated sauna exposure. 

A well designed infrared sauna, like that of the HOTWORX fitness sauna, will produce highly effective sessions for clients. As is always the case, though, the only product opinion that truly matters is that of the customer! 

Ultimately, any sauna design effectiveness will speak loudly in the form of its number of 5 star reviews 👊🔥.

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer