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HOTWORX Infrared Training Method

Most gyms open with new equipment, new floors and paint focused on the facility itself. The facility should be awesome and clean at all times but it takes more than a pretty facade to make a home, as it has been said. What it takes to make a gym a home is what happens on the inside to get its members the results they are looking for. This is where a training method comes in. A well defined training method with consistent principles makes the fitness house a home.

The HOTWORX training method has been developed by athletes for the benefit of all fitness seekers. This method is based on three principles: 3D Training, Consistency, and Cross-Training. Let’s breakdown all three. I will take a few excerpts from my book HOT EXERCISE here.

3D Training

Three dimensional training requires an element beyond heat. HOTWORX uses the power of infrared energy that absorbs into the skin up to 1.5 inches vibrating the cells of the body into action for improved functioning with improved metabolism on the inside and glowing skin on the outside.

By combining the elements of exercise, heat, and infrared energy through the use of our patented sauna for each of the isometric and HIIT workout types, the HOTWORX® 3D Training experience provides an array of time-efficient benefits in every single fitness session. (1)


It is important to remain consistent with your workout regimen by always showing up to the gym for your scheduled workouts, for sure. But what is equally important, and what most people never think about is the consistency of the actual workout types that they are performing. This is where integrity of workout type choreography comes into play. Many fitness trainers never pay attention to this most important aspect of consistency. Take yoga for example. Some yoga trainers promote a “change your flow or change your postures every time you come in”, and with that, measurement of performance goes out the window! Without a way to measure your performance against your last workout then there is no way to know whether you are making progress! A consistency of flow and postures is vital to progress in yoga, and any other workout type.

“WE ADHERE TO THE fundamental workout principle of CONSISTENCY because muscles strengthen most efficiently from practice through a logical training sequence. Therefore, the choreography and production of each HOTWORX® workout type pay special attention to the consistency of flow and postures for isometrics, and consistency of intervals for HIIT. This is a vital component to provide for performance measurability and to accelerate the progression of strength and skill. Muscles respond to signals and cannot be shocked or confused. Muscle strength is gained through training method consistency.” (2)


This technique involves the use of multiple different workout types during a day of training or throughout the training week. For example, Hot Yoga might be practiced three times per week and, in addition, a few sessions of Hot Cycle is also performed as well as Hot Pilates in support of the Hot Yoga which is the preferred/foundational workout type for the member. The use of multiple workout types, or cross-training, delivers better results for the member when she practices her love of yoga with more strength, balance, and endurance for the postures.

WE EXPLORED THE POWER OF cross-training for consistent variety in an earlier section and know that we made it a cornerstone component of the HOTWORX® training method when we created the first-ever 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio. As a professional trainer, I knew that we had to keep our individual workouts consistent and familiar to our customers while keeping things exciting for them with variety and options. Cross-training by practicing different types of workouts has been around for a long time, and it can provide stimulation for muscle development beyond just keeping to the same workout type every session. (3)

Find a gym that promotes a solid training method! 👊🔥

(1) Smith, Stephen P. HOT EXERCISE., HOTWORX, 2020.
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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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