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HOTWORX Opens 600th Location

This past week on Thursday the HOTWORX franchise crossed another expansion milestone. The 600th location opened for business. That makes 600 openings in the 6th year of business since the first location opened in 2017 in Oxford, MS. I traded text messages with Anthony Sciscento, the Executive Coach assigned to that location in North Carolina and he had this story to tell:

After forging through a tough construction process and every developmental hurdle in the book, Brandy and Brian Nix opened their studio this week with 329 active members! Their location is in the hub of the greater Wilmington, NC market….adding to the incredible success this area continues to produce!
As [two] of the original members of the first studio in Wilmington, NC at the Gordon Rd. location, they were inspired to grow their passion for the brand by investing in their own location!
It took Brandy about 6 months to even get Brian to try HOTWORX his first time, and now 3 years later, they’re opening one! Brian’s experience in startup med tech had him intrigued in the brand being startup and the clinical applications of the infrared therapy aspect of the business.
Brandy and Brian have 3 kids, Holden 18, Haley 16, and Banks 13 with an almost 8 year old Great Dane who weighs about 175lbs!

Big congrats go out to Brandy and Brian and their whole family for being the 600th HOTWORX location in Leland, NC!

It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get a small business off the ground and open, and for them to do it, along with signing over 300 new members before the opening, speaks volumes as to the great business coaching from Anthony, and to Brandy and Brian for their sheer tenacity in business as franchise owners. I am certain that they will continue to crush their goals in business while they help new members crush their fitness goals.

The HOTWORX franchise has a very keen sense of purpose to help franchisees be profitable and continue to grow profits each year through the utter fitness bliss of the customer base. There is no other way! If the brand can continue to deliver MORE WORKOUT, LESS TIME to the membership base, then profits will take care of itself…

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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