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Improve the Quality of Your Fitness Time this Holiday Season

I recently published a book entitled HOT EXERCISE. The official release date is this December 7th in the midst of the holiday season. It seems like a mad rush every year during this time to get it all done. Sometimes people place their fitness program on the back burner to free up more time for holiday preparations. Instead of sacrificing your workouts this year, why not incorporate a more efficient workout program into your schedule?

In my book, the first paragraph reads as follows:  “Time is perhaps the most valuable commodity we have in life. We might even go as far as to say all human advancement is the result of an effort to improve the quality of time.” (1)

I have thought to myself and have listened to others remark that the pandemic has made them even more aware of the preciousness of time. We only have so much of it! Every moment needs to count for something good, especially during the holidays.

This need for improvement of time quality is why we created the HOTWORX infrared training system. Infrared energy and Heat when combined with proper exercise is what we call 3D Training. Three dimensions, if you will, including Heat, Infrared Energy and Exercise will massively improve your use of gym time. “It is the perfect fitness method for the modern world and it addresses those four things that people demand from their fitness programs.” (2)

Those four fitness demands include:

1-The desire to look better

2-The need to move better

3-The need to feel better

4-The goal to live longer

With these fitness goals in mind, Three Dimensional Training is one sure method for getting more done in less time with your workouts. Workout efficiency is the key to a high quality use of gym time. It is the fusion of heat and infrared energy into the workout that elevates efficiency.

Three Dimensional Training amps up the efficiency by (1) accelerating your metabolism through deep IR penetration at the cellular level, (2) getting you to your target heart rate sooner through faster warm-up, and (3) forcing your body to acclimate to the heat that conditions you for optimum performance in normal everyday environments.

During this holiday season, I am thankful for the fast, efficient infrared training option. It gets me to my fitness goals faster so that I have more time for family and friends this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Gone are the days of just going to an air-conditioned gym. Training in an infrared sauna is a multi-dimensional experience that gets me in and out of the fitness studio in no time. It is like going from fitness black and white to full living color.

(1) Smith, Stephen P. HOT EXERCISE. New Orleans, HOTWORX Franchising Corp., Dec 7, 2020.
(2) Smith, Stephen P. HOT EXERCISE. New Orleans, HOTWORX Franchising Corp., Dec 7, 2020.
Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer