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Infrared Cross Training for Accelerated Performance

Each week I have the privilege to meet with and speak to new HOTWORX franchise owners on a Zoom meeting we call Orientation Day. In O Day, as we call it, I listen to each new franchise owner as they describe how they came to know the brand. Most of them become franchisees because of the workout experience from being a member of one of our locations. They often rave about the effectiveness of the workouts and that they became obsessed with the 3D Training after their very first visit to HOTWORX.

This past week one of our new owners made the comment I hear often. They spoke of the fact that there are so many different workout types that enable them to cross train with endless workout combinations.

Cross training is one of the most important components of a well organized fitness program. Pro athletes have known this for many years.

Here is the reason…

By practicing cross training an individual is able to work muscles and make strength, flexibility, cardio and endurance gains from all different angles, thereby reinforcing the performance for the main activity, or sport. For example, one might be training for a mountain hike, or a mud race, or snow skiing, and they will use a combination of isometrics including hot yoga, hot Pilates and various hot HIIT workouts such as rowing and cycling to accelerate sports performance in ways that a more pigeon holed approach, such as only doing indoor rowing, could never do.

Cross-training can be defined as the practice of engaging in two or more activities of sports or types of exercise for the purpose of increasing performance in one’s main sport.

Science backs up the belief in cross training as “…studies suggest that different types of exercise can lead to different sport-specific adaptations to the heart, creating a more well-rounded cardiovascular base for exercise and sport.” (1)

The importance of cross training cannot be denied, and not just for fitness. Cross training is important in business as well. When employees know enough about all departments of a company they tend to do better in their area of expertise and perform at a higher level for their own department. Inter-departmental communication is vital to produce this positive effect on productivity.

The bottom line for fitness is this. It makes sense to strengthen all areas in the orbit of the main sport!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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