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More Infrared Detox Reports…

Every day we are victims of assault! Our bodies are attacked by air pollution, processed foods and drinks, and toxins that we touch and that are absorbed into our skin. As the toxicity of our environments continues to increase, now, more than ever, we need a strategy for personal detoxification. One way to counter the daily toxin assault on our bodies is to practice infrared detox. Inside of an infrared sauna the energy and heat penetrates the body very deeply, and in doing so, it stimulates detoxification at the cellular level. Check out the series of excerpts below to gain a better understanding of how exposure to infrared energy can help with your detoxification needs.“Infrared Sauna – …IR penetrates the tissues of the body to a depth of around 1.5 inches, heating up the insides of the cells which stimulates the release of toxins.” HOTWORX series of 10 isometric and HIIT workouts utilizes a specially designed far infrared sauna to provide for the execution of a fitness strategy and a detox strategy within the same training session.“Far Infrared Rays are invisible waves of energy that have the ability to penetrate all layers of the human physical body, penetrating into the inner-most regions of the tissues, muscles and bone. I am a huge proponent of using Far Infrared as an aid in detoxification. In my practice, I have found that this type of therapy may help in fat loss, chronic fatigue [1], water retention, skin disorders, as well as in the elimination heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material from our bodies. Far Infrared can also increase the processing enzyme activity in our digestive tract, as well as boost metabolism.”Dr. Edward Group has discovered that the ideal infrared sauna temperature for a 30 minute isometric and a 15 minute HIIT workout is 125 degrees fahrenheit…“Far Infrared Saunas are being used by some doctors to stimulate the release of toxins from the bodies of their patients. They have found that a lower temperature (105-130 F) sauna taken for a longer duration is most beneficial. These low temperatures stimulate a fat sweat, which eliminates toxins stored in fat, as opposed to the high temperature sauna (over 180 F), which encourages a water sweat.” recommends at least three infrared workouts per week for general fitness and detox.“… [A]ll of us live in an invisible cesspool, and we don't know it. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the clothing we wear... One of the detox strategies employed by Dr. George Yu, a surgical oncologist in Washington D.C who also happens to be a colleague of Dr. Clement's, is based on using very high doses of niacin, up to 5,000 milligrams, along with intense exercise immediately followed by a sauna… According to Dr. Clement, infrared saunas help release every type of toxic contamination you have in your body; most notable of which are mercury and lead.", why not combine infrared sauna therapy with the workout? HOTWORX has done this to provide for more workout in less time with the 3D training method: infrared energy + heat + exercise.What about our firefighters who are increasingly exposed to toxins released when petrochemical based items begin to burn? Did you know…“Cancer is the leading cause of firefighter line-of-duty deaths in the United States, and according to the International Association of Fire Fighters, about 60 percent of career firefighters will die this way, “with their boots off,” as they call it… Studies have confirmed that firefighters’ gear and skin gets coated in higher levels of potentially carcinogenic compounds, such as phthalates—chemicals that are added to plastics to make them soft—as well as arsenic, lead, and mercury. recently donated an infrared workout sauna to the firefighters of Haltom City, TX Fire Station #1, the first sauna donated in the effort to help kick the “ash” out of cancer!“Sweat therapy using saunas has been extensively researched and shown to be effective at lowering levels of fat soluble chemicals. One study observed an average reduction of 21.3% of 16 different chemicals in adipose tissue samples following sauna therapy. Interestingly, a follow up measurement four months after completion of the sauna program detected an average reduction of 42.4% for the same 16 chemicals…This post-treatment reduction has led some physicians to speculate that the program was rehabilitating for the body’s natural mechanisms of elimination. Many physicians concluded that sauna therapy certainly does provide this rehabilitating effect. The Bio-Toxic Reduction Program reported that dozens of patients experienced significant reductions in body toxin levels and improvements in a wide array of medical conditions.” often complain about the lingering smell of toxins in their hair and skin for days after battling a fire. In a recent news story, one firefighter provides a detox story…“We got back from a fire the other day, decontaminated our gear and then my Lieutenant and I jumped into the sauna for about 15 minutes. Within the first two minutes you are just sweating profusely. You could tell a big difference, the smell of the smoke was not stuck in my nose or my skin,” said Geryak. scientific and anecdotal evidence continues mount to suggest that people should consider infrared sauna detoxification. And to enhance your detox even further, try infrared exercise!

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer