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Infrared is Light

There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to the understanding of what is Infrared. Infrared is light, invisible light.

The word infrared comes from a combination of the the Latin word infra that means “below”, and the English word for the color “red”. Infrared light has a wavelength that is longer and falls just below the frequency of red light that humans can still see. Just past the red light comes infrared which turns invisible to the eye.

Infrared falls way beyond the wavelengths that are threatening to humans. Beginning with ultraviolet B and C light waves, the radiation becomes ionizing which means that it has the potential to alter human DNA and can be harmful to your health. Non-ionizing light absorption is where you want to be and that is where infrared light is. Not only is infrared non-ionizing, it also provides numerous therapeutic benefits. These benefits are well documented and include increased blood flow, decreased inflammation, and glowing skin to name a few.

Infrared light represents an abundant form of natural energy in the universe. Humans even emit their own IR light. We can also create this light form with modern technology inside of a sauna. Infrared saunas have been around for decades, and a few years ago, HOTWORX designed a patented infrared sauna for fitness training with a very precise array of IR heaters. So, what is the difference in infrared light produced by an IR heater and that of the sun or what humans generate and emit naturally? That question deserves an entire article, or chapter in a book. I will save that for later, but to sum up the difference, here it is.

Natural sources produce the entire spectrum of IR for humans to absorb. IR saunas can be engineered to produce the most desirable IR wavelengths for human absorption.

Sunlight and other natural sources produce the entire IR spectrum consisting of short, medium and long infrared light wavelengths. Infrared radiation (IR), which is also known as thermal radiation, involves the part of the light spectrum including wavelengths beyond red visible light between 780 nm and 1 mm. Infrared has three distinct categories including IR-A (780 nm-1.4 µm), IR-B (1.4-3 µm) and IR-C, also known as far-IR (3 µm-1 mm).

Humans have used tools and machines for centuries to heat their environments for comfort or for therapy reasons. We heat our water for bathing, we heat beverages for drinking, and we heat our air as well for various reasons. Versions of saunas have been used to heat the air in a small room for millennia. Infrared saunas use different types of heaters to emit different types of infrared light waves. IR sauna heaters can be tailored to emit more of the far-IR than B or A. Far-IR has a longer and more absorbing wavelength. Longer wavelengths of IR are desirable for training purposes as they are more comfortable for working out and more absorbing for increased workout recovery while training.

The use of infrared light energy to heat up a workout environment has proven to be a fitness game changer when applied to isometrics and cardio machine HIIT. I was speaking to a friend and his wife recently while in Oxford, MS for an Ole Miss football game, and the topic of conditioning came up. My friend told me that his wife recently talked him into his first HOTWORX workout and that she has been using the IR workouts frequently. As a testament to far-infrared training, he told me a story about going biking with his wife and that she demonstrated “superior” conditioning to him on that ride attributable to her HIIT sessions at HOTWORX. Infrared workouts provide outstanding cardio conditioning results in much shorter training sessions.

Infrared light is energy. Change your environment, and you change your level of energy.

In the words of Einstein, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Find your light wave training frequency!

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