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Infrared Workouts and Your Photoreceptors

What you see with your eyes is the most advanced form of photo-reception.  But did you know that scientists have recently discovered that humans have light sensor molecules within the body, but outside of the eyes? These light sensing photoreceptors outside of the eyes can be found on your skin, in your central nervous system and in other internal organs.

Your body’s biological clock (which causes jet lag) is determined by these non-visual photoreceptors. Subconsciously, these extra-ocular receptors regulate behavior from exposure to various forms of light such as that of infrared. With exposure to the right wavelengths of light, your skin can assist in transforming light into some very positive benefits. Infrared light is known to be a good therapy for the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). We also know that Infrared light raises serotonin levels uplifting to your mood. A great workout requires a good state of mind and a positive attitude. For that reason alone, infrared exposure during training is a nice addition to your workout environment!

HOTWORX introduced the 24 hour infrared fitness studio franchise to address this need to leverage the fitness benefits of infrared light. The franchise developed its 3D Training Method combining (1) exercise with (2) heat and (3) infrared energy to accelerate workout results and to maximize the positive effects of a fitness workout regime.

Extra-ocular photoreceptor cells play a vital role in maintaining your health. “Recent research with rodents at Johns Hopkins University by Samer Hattar’s group suggests that non-visual pathways can regulate mood, learning ability and even the sensitivity of conscious vision.” (1)

It is well known that plants respond to light exposure through photosynthesis, and now we know that similar responses exist within humans through light sensitive molecules outside of the eye. Your skin can sense whether it is day or night. We all know that skin responds as well to UV light with a defensive reaction known as tanning. Infrared light from the sun and/or from an infrared sauna is absorbed through the skin up to 1.5 inches and trigger many positive metabolic functions.

Here’s another reason to train with infrared. Studies suggest that exposure to infrared light can actually have beneficial effects with collagen and can counter UV damage to the skin.

If you haven’t already, you should introduce your photoreceptors to infrared while you train this year! Your fitness program will thank you.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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