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It’s All About the Results for Fitness Customers

Sometimes people get so caught up in the hype of a product that they forget the real purpose of its existence. Joining a gym is about one thing first and foremost! That one thing is best represented by this next question that you should ask yourself:

How fast and how efficient will I get the results for my mind and body that I am looking for if I join this place?

Everything else is just fluff, or “lagniappe” (pronounced lan-yap down here in New Orleans) which means a little something extra…, but it’s not the main thing. The main reason to join a gym will always be the “results” that can be obtained. In my constant research of customer opinions for HOTWORX the number one reason customers join and remain with the brand continues to be, and will always be, because they LOVE the workouts. It’s the workouts that deliver the results!

This Friday we wrapped up another great filming week with our Virtual Instructor team. It might have been our best filming yet! There are several huge “result” yielding advantages of a virtual format. Since our virtual workouts are filmed and then edited to perfection by the HOTWORX production team, the studio members know that they will receive high energy, and well choreographed workout routines. In addition, technology serves up the videos to the monitors inside of the saunas to the exact session schedule. There is no possibility of an instructor showing up unprepared, or in a low state of energy. The studio management doesn’t have to worry about an instructor showing up late, or not at all. The schedule happens literally like clockwork 24/7 - 365 a year.

The reliability of the virtual instruction approach is a feature that customers can count on and one that adds to the effectiveness of the workouts. Again, the goal is to get customers to the results they want as fast and as efficiently as possible.

HOTWORX is a franchise built for results. The number one goal is to get massive fitness results for all of our customers, and to coach franchise owners to increasing profitability results through, and because of the “fitness bliss” of the customer base. As long as our customers continue to feel that they are getting more than they bargained for with the dues that they pay to the studio, then we know that the results for the customer and profits for the business owner will be happening. This is a win-win relationship based on value between the entrepreneur and the customer.

The first HOTWORX location opened on February 13, 2017 in Oxford, Mississippi. Since the very beginning the brand has been, and remains, laser focused on fast and efficient results for a fair price.


It’s all about the fitness results!!


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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