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Key Data Fitness Tracking

Studies have shown that people who use fitness trackers become more active.

In business, we know how important it is to inspect what you expect.  There’s nothing more motivating than an impending inspection from a supervisor or knowing that a customer can give you a review for the world to see at any time when you own a business.  The same accountability holds true for your level of fitness.

If you expect to get in shape, then you will need to inspect your progress.  Accountability motivates!

At some point in your fitness journey, you should consider making key data fitness tracking an important component to help you reach beyond your current fitness level.  Keep in mind that there are many fitness tracking devices on the market that can help you, but pay close attention to accuracy and choose your device accordingly.

One researcher from Stanford had this to say about a recent study of fitness tracking accuracy.

“My take on this is that it’s very hard to train an algorithm that would be accurate across a wide variety of people because energy expenditure is variable based on someone’s fitness level, height and weight, etc.” Heart rate, she said, is measured directly, whereas energy expenditure must be measured indirectly through proxy calculations.” ¹

Generally heart rate data is reliable with devices that use blood motion light sensors, but energy expenditure (calorie burn) accuracy is less reliable.  My advice is to invest in a tracker from one of the major brands that have good reputations such as Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmen, or Polar.


Don’t be lulled into a focus on passive fitness data such as step tracking.  Just tracking steps is not enough.

So, when you purchase your fitness device, what should you do next?  This question is what prompted HOTWORX to create a “key” fitness data set with a simple fitness tracking method.

“…our survey suggests—and experts we spoke with agree—that you should view trackers as one tool in a comprehensive effort to be more active, lose weight, and improve your health.” ²

That Consumer Reports quote is spot on.  Keep it simple and understand that your new fitness tracker is just a tool.  A trusted fitness watch, a body fat calculator and a scale are the tools that you need to track your fitness data.

The premise for HOTWORX was to reduce the data set to the most important fitness information, and to keep things simple.  There are many data points that can be used to track fitness, but what are the most vital stats to compile, and what is the simplest way to track them in a gym or studio setting?  That question provided the motivation to create a better data tracking method.

Arguably, the most relevant set of data for most fitness programs includes that of: calories, body fat, and body weight.

To create a user friendly method for tracking this data, it takes an app that can work with any fitness device so long as that device has a heart rate monitor and an easily accessible (and viewable) data screen.  High quality, brand name wrist devices work the best for this method.


Here is how it works:

1-Purchase and learn how to use a quality fitness wrist device for heart rate monitoring and calories burned.

2-Join a HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio and then download the mobile fitness “Burn Off App”.

3-Use the Burn Off App with your fitness watch and mobile phone to track the workout calories and one hour workout after-burn data for every workout at the studio.

4-Use the Omron body fat testing device (provided at HOTWORX studios for customers to use 24/7) for body fat % and record the data with the “Burn Off App” photo method.  Recording body fat monthly is usually the best test interval for body fat.

5-Use the scale for body weight once per week or once per month (or any time interval) and record the results with the Burn Off App photo method.

These vital fitness tracking measurements will provide you with a simple set of highly relevant fitness data in an easy to track format.


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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