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Know the Ropes!!!

Let HOTWORX show you the ropes.  Every HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio franchise equips the functional training area “FX Zone” with one or two fitness “battle ropes” that are anchored to the floor.

Try adding a few battle rope intervals to your workout routine.

Appropriately termed, fitness “battle ropes” most likely evolved from ropes used by the ships of the world down through the history naval warfare.  You can just imagine hard working sailors on decks of these ships grasping heavy ropes to help maneuver sails and to assist in docking the vessels at port.  Without a doubt the swinging and fastening of those true battle ropes must have called for incredible physical force and manpower.

No wonder that modern day fitness has found a way to utilize this ancient naval practice to make for great workouts.

“Battle Rope training is a staple in Unconventional Gyms across the country, and there’s a good reason why: they’re one of the most functional pieces of equipment for high-intensity training and hardcore conditioning.” ¹

Battle ropes can offer you a great addition to your functional workout.  There are countless combinations of techniques that can be applied to their use.  They utilize the force of gravity with the force of the anchored ropes themselves for a powerful wave movement combination.

Hand coordination and posture are keys to a successful battle rope set.

The rope training allows you to utilize wave force engaging your body to respond by adapting to the motions of the ropes.

"It's a little like running with the upper body," said Jonathan Ross, spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. "It's not just using different muscles but training muscles in different ways.” ²

Check out the video below for three basic moves:

1-up and down alternating wave,

2-side to side fly,

3-arc right and arc left…

My Movie - Small

I recommend giant sets utilizing all three moves in a 60 second interval with 20 seconds for each move.  You can also just do one move per 60 second interval.  Take a 30 second rest between sets but go all out using your best pace for the 60 second workout set.  Use the countdown timers in the FX Zone to properly gauge your intervals.

Battle ropes are great for arms, shoulders, back and with proper form the squat position works the lower body as well, especially the glutes.  Another big advantage with ropes is that there is a very low risk of injury, specifically as compared to weight training with barbells.

Consider this…

“…unlike with the bar, there’s a very nominal risk of injury. If your form breaks down on a max with a barbell, your risk for injury increases enormously because of the weight involved. If you screw up with the rope, the exercise won’t be effective but it won’t hurt you.” ³

Battle rope intervals are a form of HIIT assuming that you keep your intensity level up.  This is great for burning calories.  Keep in mind that high intensity interval training creates more after workout calorie burn due to the increased recovery oxygen needs.  Ropes create a higher metabolic demand on your body, and therefore a higher energy expenditure which is a good tactic for a weight loss strategy.

So show yourself the ropes.  Your fitness routine will thank you.



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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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