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Medical Couple Weighs in on HOTWORX

The HOTWORX franchise, after only five and a half years in development, has rapidly become one of the fastest growing franchise organizations in the history of the fitness industry. One of the reasons for the growth is the results that members get from the 3D Training Method combining heat, infrared energy, and exercise. The results speak for themselves through the thousands of unsolicited 5-star customer reviews online. It’s interesting to note that there are now 19 HOTWORX franchise owners who are doctors. One of those, a medical power couple in Houston, Dr. Jeffrey Liang and and his wife Lisa who is a nurse, are featured in this article.

I had an opportunity to speak with them this week via the internet. The energy and passion they have for health and fitness radiates from the moment you meet them. Here is their story relating to HOTWORX.

Dr. Jeffrey Liang has a sports and family medicine practice.  Lisa came to him with the HOTWORX idea originally and at first he was a skeptic. With his “exercise is medicine” philosophy, though, he decided to give it a try. Now he is a believer in infrared fitness programs, and is an advocate, especially for the recovery aspect of HOTWORX. He refers patients to HOTWORX now as a part of their recovery and ongoing wellness programs.

It is well known that sweating assists in the detox process. Here is one notable quote from Dr. Liang, “infrared exponentially multiplies the sweating.” And, we know that the sweat from an infrared sauna produces up to 7X more detox when compared to sweating from a traditional sauna.

His belief in “exercise is medicine” developed out of his love for sports activities that include tennis, weight training, running, swimming, skiing and snowboarding. Most recently he has taken on rock climbing. According to Lisa, “Jeff practices what he preaches.” Most of his career has been in a multi-specialty orthopedic practice but has since moved on to working in a supervisory and teaching role with a rapidly growing urgent care business. Dr. Liang also sees the development of a fracture clinic in his future.

Lisa Liang, an nurse with extensive experience in internal medicine, women’s health, labor and delivery, postpartum, infertility, surgery, and critical care, has two kids of her own and six surrogates. She is a big believer in the power of HOTWORX for improved flexibility, wound healing and scar treatment.

Lisa talked for a while about the surgery recovery benefits and the increased blood flow for wound healing acceleration. In her words, “it jump starts the healing process,” and it is “great for diminishing scars and is a recovery therapy.”

Dr. Liang expressed how effective infrared training is for mood and referenced Dr. Rhonda Patrick who spoke at the HOTWORX convention this year in Scottsdale, AZ. He also pointed out how important it was that the HOTWORX training program, with the semi-private workout environment, is adaptable to all fitness levels from the beginner to the pro athlete. He also noted that with HOTWORX, for members, “there are no intimidation barriers.”

I sent out a questionairre prior to our online chat and one of the questions was, what are your thoughts on the importance of exercise as it relates to health? Here is his answer.

‘It’s extremely important. Nothing replaces exercise, but infrared heat in combination with exercise is a game changer for health and wellness.”

I also asked, what are your thoughts on the combination of heat, infrared energy and exercise, otherwise known as 3D Training? He answered…

“It’s phenomenal, and speaking from a clinical standpoint recovery specifically, your blood and oxygen increases, helps healing in any injury, in any recovery from intense sports, and any surgical recovery. It, overall, is honestly the best supplement to any person's regime of health and wellness.”

As an RN, Lisa has been in and around medicine as well for over 20 years in primary/family care, labor and delivery, OBGYN, critical care, fertility, surgery, oncology, and general care. She is well-rounded to advise clients for what is needed to launch a healthy lifestyle for longevity. She has a personal fitness journey that is inspiring as well. Her history with obesity, weight loss surgery, 6 pregnancies, 8 babies (2 sets of twins), helping other families complete their family by being their surrogate, extensive skin removal plastic surgery, and chronic back issues, in her words…

“HOTWORX is and has been a miracle intervention to me! It has allowed me to become more flexible. My back pain is all but gone. My surgical incisions are healing at a ridiculously rapid pace, and my cardiovascular system functions like that of a marathon runner…”

This duo’s health and fitness philosophy is, as Lisa puts it is, “kick aging in the ass!! Focus on what is hindering you in your health, in your life, and how HOTWORX can make that better!!” If you get a chance, please visit their new studio in Houston at 1416 W Orem Dr., or call (832) 219-0999.

Maybe it’s time to think about adding infrared as a supplement to your health and fitness regime!

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