Multiple Membership Trend

There is a trend that has been developing in the fitness industry.  People are willing to maintain more than one fitness club membership these days.  Everywhere I go in my travels to visit new HOTWORX Studio locations, I hear from customers and from franchisees that everyone has multiple memberships to different gyms and fitness studios.  Fitness customers are looking for specialty workouts now more than ever!

Customers want one gym for weight training and one fitness studio for pilates and another club for kick-boxing, etc.  I find that many of our HOTWORX members like the supplemental balance, cardio, detox and recovery that they can obtain from infrared workouts.  Some may like a serious gym for weight training, a multi-sport club for swimming and HOTWORX for stability, cardio and detox.

In addition to my HOTWORX Studio workouts, I maintain a membership to a national gym chain out of convenience for my weight training needs.  Many of our HOTWORX franchisees, general managers and staff do the same.  In fact, many people I have talked with keep 3,4,5 or more fitness memberships!  People know, now more than ever, that they need to workout to remain healthy and to elevate their quality of life.  This is driving them to experiment with different specialized workouts and different workout environments to give them an edge.

As a workout professional, I recommend, if your budget allows, that you seek out multiple memberships so that you can address your specific fitness needs with the most professional environments and services that you want.  If you need to add infrared fitness to your mix, then pay a visit to a HOTWORX 24hr Infrared Fitness Studio.

Multiple fitness memberships can keep you motivated!

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer