Ride out the Pandemic with Cross-Training at Home

The power of cross-training for consistent variety is a cornerstone component of the HOTWORX training method. We created the first-ever 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio based on cross-training through a variety of innovative isometric, HIIT, and functional resistance workout types.

While we might not have access to the infrared workout saunas at the studio right now, we can continue to practice cross-training at home.  HOTWORX responded to the stay home order by providing a variety of isometric workouts and functional training workout videos for each body part to all active members.  Through the use of these virtual training videos in the HOTWORX Burn Off App, our customers can pick and choose, on demand from home, 13 different isometric and functional training workouts.

We can all find the time during this quarantine to get our workouts in at home to keep up a high level of physical and mental energy. My recommendation is to cross-train between isometrics and functional training with a weekly home routine like this:

Monday: Yoga, VPT biceps and hamstrings; Tuesday: Iso, VPT chest and shoulders; Wednesday: Warrior, VPT triceps; Thursday: Pilates, VPT core and calves; Friday: Yoga, VPT quads, glutes.

There are thousands of ways to combine the workouts. The cross-training combinations are limited only by the imagination. Keep the individual workouts consistent and cross-train for variety!

As a professional trainer, I knew that we had to keep our individual workouts consistent and familiar to our customers while keeping things exciting for them with variety and options. The key to fitness success for clients is to maintain the training method integrity and workout type consistency. Cross-training by practicing different types of workouts has been around for a long time, and it can provide stimulation for muscle development beyond just keeping to the same workout type every session. The important thing, though, is to practice cross-training with workout types that remain consistent.

There has been substantial research to demonstrate that people drop out of exercise programs, thanks to boredom. Common sense tells us that. Cross-training is the cure for workout boredom. It is safe, especially if it is based on low to zero impact exercise such as the 3D Training Method from HOTWORX. Cross-training can reduce the likelihood of injury, too, because it strengthens multiple muscle areas in the body. The isometrics are offered to provide for extensive and varied flexibility postures, as well as foam rolling to further lessen the chance for injury.

We have found from our membership data that the HOTWORX Studio concept has an incredibly high exercise-adherence ratio as compared with industry standards. One of the reasons for this high level of repeat studio member visits is because of the opportunity to easily practice cross-training. HOTWORX members can choose from a variety of 30-minute isometric workouts, two 15-minute HIIT workouts, and a complete functional training area called the FX Zone.

Now, thanks to very rapid video editing, an app upgrade, and efficient deployment, HOTWORX members are able to maintain their fitness at home for now. Remember, there are endless combinations of ways to cross-train. Take advantage of HOTWORX at HOME while we all ride out the pandemic together.

Work Hard, Stay Positive!!!

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer