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Save The Impact for the Game

Fitness training evolves alongside, and as a result of, advances in athletic training practices. I have observed athletic training and have participated as an athlete in this transformation and then I have noted the adaptations of these new approaches to the fitness industry. Training has adapted and mutated towards the goal of improving performance with fewer injuries. This form of artificial selection, or performance engineering has propelled athletes and fitness enthusiasts to greater and greater results.

The evolution has been away from ballistic and plyometric workouts to the incorporation of more stretching and lower impact training by using forms of isometrics. Coaches have learned to save the risks for the actual game. Even NFL quarterbacks including Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have incorporated yoga into their workouts to add longevity to their careers.

The bottom line here is that it doesn’t make sense to wear out your body if you can get the same or better results with a lower impact program. The truth is you can achieve what you want without the high risks. The right level of intensity can absolutely be accomplished by means other than jumping, or what professionals know as ballistic training. There is no need to do that to your joints in order to prepare for a game or to obtain the fitness results you are looking for.

Isometric exercise such as yoga and Pilates offer incredible results, especially when practiced in an infrared sauna at the right temperature range of 120-125 degrees F and for the right duration of time. Infrared cycling or rowing is also a great low impact alternative to running and jumping. The target heart rate can be achieved quickly with infrared at no impact through the warmup and for the appropriate intensity level to get to the fat burning range. Burning fat for fuel is always the goal for fitness performance and results.

I have found that I actually perform better at my two athletic passions, snow skiing and mountain climbing, with a near zero impact training routine. My regime includes weight training, infrared HIIT and isometrics at HOTWORX. Before HOTWORX I used to wear myself out running on the streets and stair steps of downtown New Orleans. I left that behind with the advent of HOTWORX and now I get more results in less time and with no impact to my body.


I preserve the impact for my actual snow skiing and mountain hiking and climbing. It just doesn’t make sense to jar my body on a continual basis with the preparatory training. Why wear out the body unnecessarily? There is no need for that, and if you actually perform better without it, then just let it go. Sometimes it is hard for an athlete to let it go. I get it. But, change is inevitable if you want to evolve to a better life of sport and fitness.

The HOTWORX 3D Training Method is the game changer!

You should give some serious thought to switching your fitness routine away from ballistics to a more long term low, or near zero impact program like that of HOTWORX.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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