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Smart Hydration Part 3 - Powder Power

HOTWORX believes in increased workout efficiencies in every form, not just the motion of exercise, but also, specific to this blog post, in the form of hydration.  Proper hydration is obviously important for hot exercise.  Quietly, the company has been working to complete its’ line of workout powders and is now poised to introduce the completed line with a “Powder Power” awareness initiative.

The line is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks to all franchise locations for HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Studios and for Planet Beach Spa locations that have installed HOTWORX workout saunas.

The goal with the Powder Power initiative is to educate clients about the advantage of hydrating with more than just water, making it more effective with added nutrients that your body needs and immediately when your body needs it.  Below is a description of how and why to mix these powders when your body is ready to benefit from the intake:

Post Workout - The Post Workout powder contains just the right blend of amino acids that are necessary to fuel muscle recovery and growth.  I find that it is best when used to combine with water during your workout as well as just following the workout.  Don’t let the name fool you here, it is a good idea to use this supplement during the workout as well as after.  Your body needs these aminos the moment you begin to place workout stress on your muscles.

Pre Workout - This powder can give you the equivalent boost of at least two cups of coffee and plenty of vitamins and minerals as well to help you get your mind right for the workout you are about to have.  Mix with water and drink about 1 hour to 30 minutes prior to your workout.

Essential Greens - This powder plays an important role in the detoxifying process by clearing the digestive tract, eliminating toxins and cleansing the organs. Essential Greens aids in regulating immune function and protects cells from damaging free radicals. The multiple types and range of greens provides necessary nutrients to the body that help convert food into energy and serve as a convenient and fast way to consume nutrient-dense foods in a single serving while allowing the body to focus on cleansing. Other benefits include reduction of inflammation, weight loss, proper regulation of pH, cleansing of bowels and intestines, and absorption of toxins along the intestinal walls.  This powder concentrate includes powerful super greens including Kale, Spinach, Alfalfa, Algea, Kamut, Oat and several others.  Drink with one 8 oz. of water per day.

Antioxidant Essentials - This powder is loaded with essential vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.  In addition to improving skin tone, this powder helps to improve digestion, and assists in cleaning the blood and protects cells from free radical damage. It also helps your body repair cells, fight disease and manage weight.  This supplement contains many well known antioxidant foods like Kiwi, coconut, grape, apple, blueberry, Acai berry, Cranberry and several others.  Drink with one 8 oz. of water per day.

Heart Healthy Essentials - This powder supports the health of the entire cardiovascular system with an impressive array of all-natural essential heart-healthy nutrients including: vitamins and L-Arginine, CoQ10, and L-Citrulline.  Heart Healthy promotes good blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and gives the heart and blood vessels essential nutrients.  These powders aid in digestion, improve oxygen process, lower cholesterol, improve circulation, help to regulate heartbeat, fight free radicals in the body, reduce plaque in the blood stream, and repair damaged tissue of the heart and veins.  Drink with one 8 oz. glass of water per day.

Clean Energy - With a tropical fusion of flavors this all-in-one powder provides all the clarity, endurance, joint care, skin care, anti-oxidants plus a full multi-vitamin in one great tasting product. ... It provides energy, hydration and body recovery from exercise and daily life.

With this lineup of six different powders, HOTWORX has provided a complete way for clients to hydrate with nutrient rich powders enabling more than just drinking water.  Rather, let’s call it smart hydration that allows you to give your body what it needs precisely when it needs it.  It is an “on-demand” way for your body to get fluids and nutrients efficiently.

One more advantage for the use of powders for supplementation is ease of intake.  Pills can be hard on the throat and digestive system, whereas powders are very easy on them.  The powder form is much faster acting as well…



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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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