Soaring Results for this Infrared Fitness Franchise During COVID

The HOTWORX 24 Hour Infrared Fitness Studio franchise chain has become uniquely positioned to benefit from its concept in response to customer needs during the pandemic. The ability for the brand to adapt its workout appointment technology for social distancing has been a real fitness advantage for studio members. According to the needs of each market, franchise locations can restrict workouts to only one person per workout inside of the completely enclosed saunas, or, if the local COVID requirements permit, limit to two persons six feet apart inside of the individual infrared workout saunas. The precise distancing, private sauna workout rooms, and the fact that infrared exposure helps to improve immunity, has been important for clients during this pandemic.

For Ivan and Carley Ostrander, owners of the newly opened HOTWORX franchise in Midland, TX, the COVID crisis has not stopped them from setting membership records for the franchise. This location reopened after the lockdown using the two person, six feet apart approach and it has been very well received by their customers.

The Midland, TX studio opened March 6, 2020 just before the national COVID lockdown. Of course, right after opening for business they were forced to shut down on March 20th. When they closed for the lockdown their active member count was 387. Upon reopening on May 18, the active member count stood at 365 after a surprisingly small number of member cancellations from the lockdown. Since that time the active member count skyrocketed reaching 1000 on September 8. As of writing this article, there were 1022 members and still climbing. This is incredible for a 1910sf studio. And, most of these members joined as a result of a recommendation from a friend, or as we call this in the fitness business, as a referral. This word of mouth business expansion is always the best way to grow!

When asked about his success, Ivan states with confidence that, “I support my operations in every way and pay attention to the things we have control over vs. complaining about the things we do not.”

As a franchise professional for many years, I can attest to how important that is knowing that the franchisor is responsible for creating and maintaining an operating system and must retain control over certain things such as branding and technology while the franchisee holds the key for delivering the products and services directly to the customers using the franchise system. Magic can happen when the franchisor and the franchisees operate with a high level of teamwork and precision. Midland, TX is one great example of the power of franchising with professionalism as a team.

Ivan attributes his high level of location success to his team. “Without them and their knowledge of the Brand and the potential that is within them as a team, I am doomed to have lesser results. My team is great and I believe 100% that if they were not as strong as they were, I would only have 600 members. They are hungry, knowledgeable, and goal getters. I set the goal, they raise the goal, not me. I support them personally and professionally and they love HOTWORX.”

The Midland location was recognized at the HOTWORX Virtual Convention this July for having the highest number of new members based on the COVID Reopening Waiting List Day promotion for which they posted 62 new members on that day, May 27th.

Every storm cloud has a silver lining. The key to success during a crisis is to find that silver lining. For HOTWORX customers, the silver lining is faster workout results in a safe and smart environment. The patented HOTWORX infrared sauna delivers a private workout environment with precise distancing in an enclosure for safety and provides for a highly effective workout during these very strange times.

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer