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The Importance of Infrared Resistance Training for Women

Traditionally, resistance training has been equated to weight training, and has been viewed as a workout more popular with men. Modern fitness protocols, however, incorporate more than just weights for resistance, and more women are now embracing the benefits. For example, resistance bands are now widely used for many different types of exercises. Armed with a resistance band, you can get a full body resistance workout no matter where you are or who you are. When you travel, you should keep a workout band (one that has handles) in your suitcase.

In the development phase for the HOTWORX concept, it became clear to me that there needed to be a resistance workout option for the infrared sauna. The question then was what is the best way to deliver that type of workout in an infrared sauna environment. The most convenient, and most effective method to me was the use of bands. Turns out that was the right decision. The result was a very unique workout now known as HOT BANDS. This workout is one of the more challenging in the HOTWORX lineup.

Resistance training, which includes weight lifting, bands and other forms of strength training, is an excellent way for women to build muscle, improve bone density, boost metabolism, and enhance overall fitness. It can contribute to increased strength, better body composition, and improved confidence.

The combination of resistance training and yoga/isometric training can give you a best of both worlds result. Resistance improves muscle strength and bone density while yoga, and other isometric workouts provide flexibility and balance. This is cross-training at its finest. Women should embrace resistance training as a part of their fitness practice to some extent. Of course, it needs to be tailored by you for your goals, but it should not be ignored as it is a vital piece of the fitness puzzle.

Resistance training with bands inside of an infrared sauna presents an interesting mix of three wellness practices including that of infrared energy absorption by the skin, heat therapy and exercise. HOTWORX invented this method now known as 3D Training that uses various forms of resistance, isometric, and HIIT training workout types in conjunction with infrared energy and heat.

I would recommend at least one band workout in your cross-training rotation. I would suggest at least one band workout out of five in your training session sequence. For example if you do Hot Yoga first, then Hot Pilates followed by Barre None and then Hot Buns, perhaps it would be time for a solid resistance workout such as Hot Bands next.

Resistance training, including weights or the use of resistance bands, is highly important for women in fitness, just as it is for men. Resistance training offers numerous benefits that contribute to overall health and well-being. Resistance training helps women build lean muscle mass, which is essential for increasing strength and improving overall fitness. Gaining muscle also boosts metabolism, aiding in weight management. You are in complete control over how much resistance, and therefore muscle building you do. If you want a moderate toning approach, then practice the 1 to 5 ratio I just spoke of. If you want more muscularity, then raise it to 2 to 5, or 3 to 5. Experiment with Hot Bands to find your perfect protocol. Do you!

Remember that weight-bearing resistance exercises, including that of bands, help enhance bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures, which is particularly important for women as time progresses. Resistance training can also improve joint stability and reduce the risk of injury by strengthening the muscles around the joints. Resistance training is without a doubt the most effective form of exercise for improvement of body composition. This is done by reducing body fat percentage from increasing muscle mass, which contributes to a leaner, more toned appearance.

Women who want to achieve maximum levels of fitness should incorporate bands for resistance as an added workout type in their cross-training mix.


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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