The Infrared “Recovery Workout”

It is safe to say that you probably have never seen or read about a workout that is described as a “recovery workout”. Rather, it is more likely that you have heard those words used individually such as “recovery” from a “workout”. The conventional wisdom would say that you need to recover from a tough workout by going to the sauna after training. But conventional wisdom never factors in quality of life advancements based on innovation.

Enter the “recovery workout”!

Why not recover from your workout WHILE you are working out?! It is now possible. The recovery workout was inspired through unconventional wisdom, from the fitness road less travelled if you will, all in the effort to achieve stand out results rather than to blend in with less effective old school workout methods of the past.

HOTWORX created the 3D Training Method which uses (1) heat, (2) infrared energy and (3) exercise to deliver more than just another workout.  The combination of heat and infrared energy creates a major boost to your metabolism while you workout and this acceleration of the circulatory system and cellular activity causes your body to respond quickly to repair the muscle damage from working out during the workout itself.

Conventional workout programs waste precious time. Why not workout in an infrared sauna and kill two birds with one stone?  The workout and the recovery can happen simultaneously. We call this MORE WORKOUT, LESS TIME! There is no need to spend an hour for a workout and then another 30 minutes for recovery in the sauna when you can accelerate your workout and recovery into one 30 minute session for both! That decision will save a complete hour of your day for other meaningful things such as your career or family time. The HOTWORX workout will give you the same results in one third the amount of time.

There are many benefits from working out in an infrared sauna in addition to muscle recovery. Detox and accelerated sweating can help to make your body clean from the inside out and the improved sleep can certainly uplift your mood and quality of life on a daily basis. The list of health benefits to this infrared “recovery workout” method is long. All you have to do is google search for the benefits of exposure to infrared to see the body of research. When you read the evidence and envision infusing your body with the environment of an infrared sauna during your workout, you can then just imagine your results!

No need to just imagine what can happen, though, here is an actual results story for you. Dr. Alvin S. Perry, a college professor of entrepreneurship, book author, and speaker (check out his website here) became a member of HOTWORX in 2019 at the franchise location in Sandy Springs, GA. His before and after results below speak for themselves…

Dr. Perry was recently awarded a license to develop a HOTWORX franchise in Atlanta, GA.

Maybe it’s time to combine infrared energy and heat to your fitness and begin a “recovery workout” practice.

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer