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The New Infrared Workout: HOT STRETCH is a Hit

Based on the feedback from HOTWORX customers, hot infrared stretching as a workout is a hit. We released the new workout on December 27 just after Christmas and the feedback is now in. Our extraordinary virtual instructor, franchisee and VI Coach, Ashlee B, who led the new HOT STRETCH workout, sent me some customer feedback from her instagram for review. I have included a few of those comments below:

As you can see, customers love HOT STRETCH and they want more availability in the schedule as well as foam rolling at the end. Additionally they want a little more for upper body and we will make that happen. Our production team will address these items with the spring filming and release. We are constantly revising and upgrading all of our workouts and we will do the same for HOT STRETCH.

In my view, the key to the success was to imagine stretching as a new workout genre, not just an adjunct to a workout. Our long term members may remember the brief introduction of HOT FLEX a few years ago which was met with ho hum reviews. The reason it did not make the cut was because we made it only 15 minutes and thought it would be an adjunct session to all of the other isometric offerings. We canceled HOT FLEX but it was a good lesson learned which led us to create stretching as a full 30 minute workout instead.

I had a strong gut feeling that HOT STRETCH would be a hit. I am so happy to see that it is meeting the needs of our customer base, and selfishly, I am happy to see it out for use in my own fitness routine. I LOVE HOT STRETCH TOO!!!

One of the many strengths of the HOTWORX brand is the multiple workout type session offering in the daily 24/7 schedule. The 24 hour workout lineup is second to none in fitness for variety and capacity. For a boutique fitness business, the workout capacity is incredibly robust with approximately 1700 individual workout sessions available for customers on a daily basis. There are no fees for showing up late and there is always a workout available. We do schedule the more popular workout types with additional availability and now it may be necessary to increase the availability of HOT STRETCH!

You gotta give HOT STRETCH a try soon! Here’s to a very “flexible” fitness workout launch into 2024.


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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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