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The Power of 3

It has been proven that training with others improves workout performance. Plenty of scientific evidence proves this, but let’s face it, common sense should tell us that effort increases when others are around. A workout group of three people makes for a good fitness team. Small group training has gained tremendous popularity in recent years and for good reason. Group training gets results for clients through increased workout intensity and elevated levels of performance in general.I know this to be true first hand. At one point in my past, I trained for a year and a half to prepare for arena football. During that time I hired a coach to train me. Coach Turner used many different drills and tools from ropes to hurdles, sleds and bungees to name a few. On occasion, he would group me with other athletes including football players, baseball players and even olympic track competitors. One of the drills that we would perform as a group involved bungees that were attached to a goal post. There were four of us, each strapped to a bungee and positioned side by side to each other. The drill was simple…it required running in place against the force of the bungee. I remember feeling the presence of the other athletes next to me and I remember seeing them in my periphery. My legs wanted to quit, but my mind would not let my body quit because of the fear of not keeping up with the other guys. That is a simple but very real example of the power of a group in training! Mind over matter, made possible by peer pressure! Good peer pressure.In the case of HOTWORX, the patent pending infrared sauna for three clients to workout together for 30 minutes in 125 degrees of heat, the power of 3 can be experienced much like the power of the bungee drill that I just described. I’ve had many awesome group sessions in the HOTWORX. Everyone should witness the intensity, the fun and the results that people obtain when they workout as a small team of three inspired by each other inside of the HOTWORX sauna.Give your clients the power of 3.

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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