The Power of Infrared for Detox

During this time of global concern over external cleanliness such as washing of hands and surfaces of things, it is probably good to begin thinking about cleansing the body from the inside as well.  For millennia humans have practiced sweating as a way to clean the body from the inside out.  Heat therapy has been around since the dawn of civilization. Historical examples date back to  the heated bathhouses of the Roman Empire and American Indian sweat lodges as cultural evidence of the importance of heat and sweating for wellness. Without the benefit of modern scientific research, the ancients knew how important sweating was for internal cleansing. Over a thousand years ago the Finns even used the communal village sauna as a place for childbirth.

Infrared Sweat = More Detox

Without a doubt a good sweat makes you feel good, but did you know that during an infrared sauna session the sweat induced by absorption of IR heat and energy releases 5 to 7 times more toxic substances from the human body, as opposed to sweat induced from traditional convection heat saunas?  Multiple studies and sweat analyses have proven this point.

Infrared Heat and Energy + Workouts = Accelerated Sweating

The effectiveness of an infrared sauna session for detox is well documented.  With that in mind, HOTWORX decided to double down on this power of infrared with the introduction of the first ever fusion of IR with isometrics and later with high intensity interval training.  The level of accelerated sweating from this practice of working out in an infrared sauna is intense.  I can write about it for you, but the best way to understand it is to try it!

Cellular Level Detox

As your body absorbs the non-ionizing infrared radiation during a workout, vibration begins to occur at the cellular level within the body. As this process begins to break up fat within cells and release the toxic substances, the far infrared heat and energy heats the body raising the core temperature. Then, a deep sweat begins to act as a conduit for detox bringing impurities from inside the body through the skin to the outside.

For that reason, it’s time to consider a new fitness regime of infrared exercise.  Infrared training can greatly improve your body’s ability to remove toxins, and can take a load off of your liver and other internal organs.  Additionally, infrared training like that offered at HOTWORX, can save your daily schedule by shortening the amount of time that it takes to get to that accelerated sweat for detox.

Take your wellness to a new level. Here’s the formula: Infrared + Training + Sweat = Maximum Detox!

Use the power of infrared for detox while you workout.

More Workout, Less Time💪🏽

Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer