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The Power of Your Inner Warrior

I always like to say that people can always do more than they think they can do. I believe that. I’ve seen it in action so many times with myself and others. I know that there is always one more rep within when I am working out, and when I am working.

There is always a higher level of performance. What seems to be impossible is possible when we put our minds into focus on turning the “not possible” into a “what if” or a “I think we can do this” set of ideas. And, the first good idea always begets another. When you access your inner warrior mentality you can power through to the next level!

Negativity can kill productivity, though. It’s like a cancer and it will grow if it is not cut out with a knife! Positivity is your knife. Get rid of the negative thoughts. The positivity of possibility is the cure for any negative situation. Rip away the negativity and focus on the solution. The key is to say to yourself and, then to your team, “we will do this, and we will get it done by this date”. Once that declaration and commitment is made, then the magic of “how” it will be done begins to unfold.

HOTWORX is a fitness company born out of a process like that and the corporate team as well as the customer base is also a reflection of just that sort of attitude. Prior to the creation of the HOTWORX concept, our sister brand Planet Beach was our only concept and the one that we built the organization upon. Since the founding of Planet Beach in 1996 as a tanning salon franchise we have weathered many crises as a New Orleans based company including Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spill, the Great Recession and imposition of a federal excise tax on indoor tanning that cratered the industry. Recently, we powered through the global pandemic and now another hurricane just ripped through New Orleans as a major category 4. But we survived all of those events with pure grit and through the power of positive critical thinking to emerge from all of that a much stronger franchise company than ever before.

Call it an attitude or call it a mindset, but in critical moments you need to summon your inner warrior. The energy of that mindset can bring you from the brink of failure back to a positive decision making moment. Be the warrior. Choose to win!

We experienced a few of those critical moments this past week while we were dealing with the aftermath of yet another crisis, Hurricane Ida. I usually take a vacation in August and this year was no different. I was on a vacation in Europe back in 2005 when Katrina hit New Orleans and had to take an emergency flight back home via Houston. This time I was on a vacation in Mexico when the cat 4 Ida slammed into south Louisiana. History rhymes, as they say, and I found myself once again getting back home via Houston, and renting a truck to drive into the war zone.

While I was still in Mexico on Monday, the day after the storm, we were able to gather most of our employees onto a video meeting at 8:30 a.m. for a roll call to check on the safety and whereabouts of our team of storm refugees. All week we held the 8:30 roll call meetings to reconstitute the organization and to keep on trucking through the aftermath. I witnessed some amazing accomplishments this week in response to the crisis. Our franchise recruitment team held a virtual orientation day on Tuesday just as scheduled and our warehouse team managed to find a way to ship out a substantial number of franchisee orders for the week from a warehouse with no power and no shipping companies available to pick up the goods. Where there is a will there is a way!

With our employee recruitment efforts we look for team members who want to win. It’s the attitude that makes the difference! Our team is resilient because we hire winners who want to excel.

We also look for customers who want to win. In fact, our corporately stated target customer is a 30 year old gainfully employed female who wants to discover her inner warrior! We call her “Eileen”. We focus all of our marketing energy to please her as our ideal customer. This does not mean that the target is the only audience that we attract, though. What happens when we target such a specific group and strive to delight them? In addition to our ideal customer base, we then attract customers from 18 to 80 who want to discover their inner warrior too!

It all boils down to who you choose to hang out with as a company. We choose to surround ourselves with those who want to discover the power of their inner warrior!

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Stephen P. Smith, MA
CEO and Creator of HOTWORX, Author, Former National Collegiate Bodybuilding Champion and Arena Football Player, Certified Professional Trainer


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